Mississaugua Golf and Country Club harmoniously represents both tradition and progress. Speaking with COO, Jeff Germond, it is quickly apparent that the Membership is the heart and soul of the Club. Its time and energy is focused on creating experiences that enhance Members’ vibrant and healthy lifestyles. Jeff remarks, “Whether you are a new or established Member, we listen to what it is you are looking for, and we strive to provide the best overall experience possible.”

Social and sport activities are at the heart of Club life. In addition to the everyday fine and casual dining experiences created by its talented culinary team, the Club regularly organizes catered events, live entertainment and themed celebrations. Beyond its world-class golf course that has hosted 6 Canadian Opens, facilities include four clay tennis courts and six curling sheets. Members can also take part in Bridge, one of its long-standing traditions. A new fitness and indoor golf facility will be added to the Club this fall.

Mississaugua Golf and Country Club has a long and rich history important to the fabric of both the Club and the Mississauga community. The celebrated history is, in part, captured in pictures that adorn the walls throughout the inviting century-old clubhouse. The photographs and plaques tell the story of significant accomplishments and unforgettable moments that have taken place since 1906, when the Club was established. When asked, the Members are delighted to share their most memorable experiences, further cementing the proud traditions.

Also chronicled by the framed pictures is the Club’s evolution. Change is a given, and as one Member explains, “A club can’t make it through 100 years without accepting and responding to change. There isn’t much that this Club hasn’t seen or had to deal with in the last century.” The Club’s acceptance of change is made clear by its investment of over $8 Million in the past 5 years to modernize its existing facilities. Projects completed most recently include the construction of a new casual pub for Members to enjoy (see photos above). Also, the prestigious golf course has received extensive renovations – a new drainage and irrigation system, an installation of forward tees, and a total bunker reconstruction.

The list of exciting improvements continues with two projects in progress, soon to be unveiled this fall – a state-of-the-art fitness facility and 2 indoor golf simulators. These will be accessible to all Members, bringing the Club to a new level of engagement and utility. Cardio machines, resistance-training equipment and studio floor for group fitness classes will provide variety and accommodate all fitness interests. The simulators will be of interest to seasoned Golf Members looking to keep their skills sharp year-round; but also to Social Members who are taking up the game and want to supplement their 5 rounds of golf and access to the outdoor practice facilities.

Beyond capital investments, the Board and Management Team strategically review the Club’s policies and procedures in response to the ever-changing needs of existing and potential Members. Examples, reflecting the changes in the surrounding communities, are the introduction of Trial Memberships, and the restructuring of category options for Under-40 and Junior Memberships. Of the 400+ new Members who have joined in the past 5 years, more than one-third are between the ages of 25 and 40.

The one commitment that is unwavering is the promise to provide value to the Members. The Club is always searching for ways to make the Members feel fulfilled, comfortable and, most of all, heard. Listening closely to every Member, whether they have been part of the Club for one year or twenty years, is imperative to harmony and growth. This fair and inclusive system is a unique and important part of being a Member of the Mississaugua Golf and Country Club. Adding value to the membership is the highest priority for the Board and Management Team and it is evident in every decision that is executed.

The improvements and additions have kept Mississaugua Golf and Country Club one of the most relevant and expanding clubs in the GTA. As the Mississauga community grows and changes, so does the Club. It has become known as a progressive and inclusive environment, providing exceptional year-round service and experiences for all Members and guests. It will always be a place to create new friendships and build lasting memories with family and friends – this will never change. Once you visit the Club you are sure to be swept away.