Imagine your ideal holiday or vacation. Perhaps your perfect trip away from home may be peaceful, quiet and relaxing on a sandy beach as the waves roll in. Maybe you prefer adventuring at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and breathing in the cool, fresh mountain air. Whichever you look forward to, they both begin and end with a flight. When you’ve taken the time to pick and personalize your perfect trip, why not do the same with your flight?

NovaJet, Canada’s Preferred Executive Jet Charter Company

“When you step into one of our jets, you feel like you’re stepping into your own private oasis that has been tailored to your very needs” explains Philip Babbitt, President and CEO of NovaJet.

NovaJet, Canada’s preferred executive jet charter company understands that vacation time is precious and rarely lasts as long as we would like it to. This is why NovaJet’s goal is to make the process of getting to your destination just as enjoyable as the destination itself. This is a company that believes that the best flights are easy, seamless and an experience to look forward to.

NovaJet was launched in 2006 with one light jet making up its entire fleet. Today, it has become one of the most successful private jet charter organizations in the country providing convenient, reliable and customized travel to each client.

NovaJet, Canada’s Preferred Executive Jet Charter Company“We’ve built our company around a substantial amount of experience in the corporate aviation industry and a strong passion for an exclusive client experience. Our success comes from building and developing a loyal charter clientele that appreciates the level of service that we consistently provide,” says Philip.

NovaJet’s fleet is now comprised of 11 aircraft ranging in both size and capability. The diversified fleet of corporate jets ensures that the company can accommodate any travel requirements a client may have. NovaJet can fly with groups as few as one passenger to as many as 50 or more. This organization has become a one-stop-shop for any personal or corporate flight needs.

One of the many unique aircraft in the NovaJet fleet is the Piaggio P.180 Avanti. This aircraft combines the elegance of Italian design with the innovation of top-of-the-line aviation technology into a stunning and powerful charter aircraft. Unlike other turbo prop aircraft, the Piaggio Avanti can cruise at a similar speed of a light jet while also providing a spacious cabin comparable to a midsize private jet. It’s affectionately known by those in the industry as the “Ferrari of the sky”.

NovaJet, Canada’s Preferred Executive Jet Charter CompanyBeyond the state-of-the-art aircraft, what makes the experience of flying with NovaJet truly special is the customer experience on each and every flight.

“When we’re introduced to a new client, we take the time to find out as much as we can about them. Our ultimate goal is to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience for everyone that flies with us,” explains Philip.

To begin, NovaJet will want to know a client’s “pressure points.” In other words, what is the biggest nuisance for them when flying commercially and what their priorities are to create the most relaxing travel experience possible. Each of these is crucial in order to provide the most relaxing experience possible. NovaJet believes in one thing above all others, and that is the customer experience. They want clients to walk away amazed with the experience that they have been provided.

NovaJet, Canada’s Preferred Executive Jet Charter Company

“It is all about anticipating a client’s needs before they ask. We had a family flying with us earlier this year over the Easter long weekend. They had young children with them so we planned and executed an entire Easter egg hunt during the flight. It was great. The kids loved it, which made the parents very happy,” Philip remarks.

For many clients who choose to travel with NovaJet, their biggest concern is seamless convenience. Private travel affords clients the freedom and ability of building their own schedule.

“The time you save avoiding a busy airport terminal and using the flexibility to create a schedule that works for you is just tremendous. That in itself is worth the cost,” says Philip. “This type of efficiency is particularly useful for corporate travel purposes. A business executive in Toronto can attend a morning meeting in Manhattan and be back in their own office before noon on the same day and that is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal.”NovaJet, Canada’s Preferred Executive Jet Charter Company

The freedom of flying privately does not end with the flexibility of creating your own schedule; it opens up your options in destinations as well. A lot of beautiful locations in the Caribbean and other tropical destinations are inaccessible or too cumbersome to get to for commercial airlines. NovaJet is not limited by the same restrictions, which allows clients to experience some truly breathtaking locations that many will never see.

One of the common misconceptions surrounding private jet travel is that it is expensive luxury that many feel is out of reach; In fact, it can be an efficient business tool and a convenient way to travel that is much more affordable than people think.

“For example, if you had a group of three to four people travelling from Toronto to New York, you could charter one of our light jets for around $6,800,” explains Philip. “When you compare that to the cost of last minute business class airline tickets, the associated terminal travel time and the airport lines, flying privately makes a lot more sense. It gives you the flexibility to come and go on your own schedule and virtually eliminate idle wait times entirely.”

Whether you want to escape to the Bahamas for some quality time on the beach or jet off to Aspen to ski the Alps on a long weekend, NovaJet lets you create your own adventure. Each experience is unique to each client allowing you to travel on your own terms. Freedom, adventure and convenience will be the only words used to describe your next vacation or flight with NovaJet.NovaJet, Canada’s Preferred Executive Jet Charter Company

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