The Range Rover is the grandfather of the sport utility vehicle. Influenced by a post-World War II reality, the Land Rover company produced a line of jeep-like automobiles that combined utility with performance and what would become industry-standard engineering. But martial beginnings quickly led to luxury practicality, and when the Range Rover line was introduced in 1970, the British car manufacturer set the groundwork for highways and byways that would soon be filled with SUVs.

If it wasn’t the first SUV to market, it was certainly the one that defined it. Taking lessons from military-grade vehicles, Land Rover designed and engineered an SUV that would not only be the template for all others, but the envy as well.

Without the Range Rover, we’re all driving opulent minivans. The Range Rover began production in 2004, and is luxury, history, and excellence personified.

Fittingly, from an automobile manufacturer whose narrative of a definitive model lay the foundation for all others, comes the 2018 Range Rover Autobiography Dynamic. With an LR-V8 Supercharged 5.0 litre, 510-horsepower engine, this SUV is the what all in its class aspire to. Hitting 100km/hr in just 5.3 seconds, and boasting a 461lb-ft torque, the Range Rover Autobiography Dynamic doesn’t just retell the story of a luxury vehicle, it begins a new chapter.

But from utilitarian beginnings comes an extraordinary present. Performance and engineering is matched only by style and sophistication. Ten LED light colours adapt the cabin to your narrative. The Meridian audio system promises a high-performance sound system designed to specifically for the best acoustic experience in a unique space that is the 2018 Range Rover Autobiography Dynamic. Gloss Black exterior trim detailing, and an aluminum trim finish provide highlights of sophistication and grace to a sleep and stylish exterior. Add options like 18 interior colour choices, perforated Oxford leather seats, and 18-way power adjusted comfort to assures you that each time you get in your Range Rover, the story being told is your own.

10 Key Highlights

  •  Introduction of the SVAutobiography Dynamic – a dramatic and sporting 550hp model developed by the SVO team that will sit at the top of the SWB range.
  • Front & Rear Climate Comfort Pack & Drive Pro Pack.
  • InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System featuring 10.2” Touch Screen.
  • Full InControl functionality suite: Remote start, Protect, Remote, Pro Services, Apps.
  • Front Console Cooler.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist and Intelligent Emergency Braking.
  • Lane Keep Assist + Blind Spot Assist.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed Limiter, Driver Condition Monitor.
  • Head Up Display & Driver Condition Monitor.
  • Vision Assist Pack (V8).


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(905) 845-1443