The luxury automobile label isn’t earned by sticker price, but rather by the accomplishments of the vehicle and excellence of craftsmanship. Luxury isn’t a number, it’s a designation, an achievement, a triumph. Luxury  is a way of life, the recognition of effort and execution. The 2016 Nissan Armada is the validation of that notion, the realization of a belief, and the endorsement of a philosophy that refuses to accept limits, and denies the existence of borders, restriction,  and obstacles both superficial and actual.

2017_nissan_armada_14The 2017 Nissan Armada is the evolution of an automobile line. It arrival marks the next generation of Nissan’s flagship SUV, putting the finishing touches on the manufacturer’s refinement of their SUV/Crossover line, a three-year journey to perfect the already polished Pathfinder, Murano, Rogue, and Armada.The second-generation Armada is Nissan’s most powerful, and promises everything one would expect from a vehicle of its size and pedigree.

Nissan didn’t overhaul their bellwether beast—they enhanced, elevated, and intensified it. The 2017 Armada is the fulfillment of the line’s aspirations, to be the ultimate SUV in its class and to bring luxury to the side roads, dirt roads, and unmapped routes of Nissan drivers’ dreams. Equally comfortable on the highway and off-road, built for the nuclear family and the rugged outdoorsman, designed for the everyman as well as the ambitious and adventurous, the Armada refuses to sacrifice utility for beauty, and so marries the two. The resulting union is an SUV that defies standards, definitions, and conventions.

Finely equipped with a 390-horsepower—the best in its class—5.6 litre endurance V8 engine assuaged by a 7-speed automatic transmission, the Nissan Armada is the consummation of an automotive ideal. Predictive forward collision warning, backup collision intervention, and an around view monitor with moving object detection ensures that all eight passengers delight in both experience and safety. The direct injection gas system, twenty-six gallon fuel tank, and all-mode four-wheel drive promise no limits to that experience. The road is just what appears on your map. The entire world is within your reach—the unknown, the untravelled—from the comfort of a Nissan Armada.

Maps are for sedans. Everything else is for the Armada.


• 390-Horsepower

• 5.6 Litre Endurance V8 Engine

• 7-Speed Automatic Transmission

• Predictive Forward Collision Warning

• Backup Collision Intervention

• Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection

• 8-Passenger Utility

• Direct Injection Gas System

• 26 Gallon Fuel tank

• All-Mode 4-Wheel Drive

For more information, or to schedule a private test drive, contact:

Burlington Nissan: 905.681.2162 | | 4111 N Service Road, Burlington


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