The automobile was born of two things: necessity and ingenuity. The wheel had already been invented, the cart and beast to tow it soon followed. It was inevitable that the car would one day arrive. Humans aspire to next, thirst for tomorrow. Horsepower is a unit of measurement, not an apparatus with which to build the future. But once the car was introduced, some weren’t prepared to settle. It needed to get faster, safer. It needed to be sexier. It needed to be a Mercedes-Benz.

14c875_330The 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Coupe is what happens when we aren’t satisfied with the status quo, when good enough isn’t even close, when convenience and convention succumb to creation and fantasy. The latest AMG GT S Coupe is all about possibility and perfection, about subtlety and nuance, about bold curves and a comfortable drive. About going fast, then going faster. About taking beauty from inspiration to idea to the road.

With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $149,900, the AMG GT S Coupe isn’t meant for the everyday driver, the occasional commute, the mundanity of routine. The AMG GT
S Coupe is designed, crafted and created for those who believe the automobile is an extension of the self. It caters to those who trust in the idea of a physical representation of the essence of our being. Its purpose is not transportation, but transformation.

With its rear-wheel drive, AMG Speedshift DCT, 4.0L AMG Bi-Turbo V8 and 403 horsepower engine, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Coupe accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 310km/h. The ride control sport suspension and electronic limited slip differential guarantees the smoothest transition from envy of the parkade to desire of the freeway. This car isn’t about driving—it’s about captivating, about capturing the quintessence of the experience.

14c875_352But beyond its specs are its sex. The AMG GT S Coupe design curves and caresses the aluminium, magnesium, and polymer into an object of desire, tempered by a leather interior, elements moulded into the very definition of sleek. It takes its drivers not from point A to point B, but rather to a new evolution, a higher level of transport. The unfettered desire of aspiration is infinite. The 2016 AMG GT S Coupe will surely satisfy the driver who wants more, who needs more, who craves what’s next, just as Mercedes-Benz does.


• MSRP: $149,900

• Engine Type: 4.0L AMG Bi-Turbo V8

• Horsepower : 503

• Torque (lb-ft): 479

• Drive Configuration:
Rear wheel drive

• Transmission Type: AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT

• Top Speed (Electronically Limited – km/h): 310

• Acceleration – 0-100 km/h (Seconds): 3.8

• AMG RIDE CONTROL Sports Suspension

• AMG Electronic Limited Slip Differential

For more information, or to schedule a private test drive, contact:

Mercedes-Benz Burlington: 905.632.4222 | | 441 N Service Road, Burlington


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