Picture this: it’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday without a cloud to be found. You pull up to a multiple-storey building with massive display windows that show off an almost majestic showroom. Before even stepping inside, you notice the parking lot is filled with some of your childhood dream cars. Upon opening the front doors you’re faced with a tough decision. Should you go to the left and browse the three brand new Ferraris or do you go right, towards the immaculate Maseratis awaiting your attention. Before you can even make a choice, you’re greeted by one of the dealership’s highly trained and informative employees that is ready and able to answer any question you may have. Sounds like a fantasy, does it not? Luckily, this is one of those fantasies that can become a reality by simply visiting Ferrari Maserati of Ontario. This is a dealership that encompasses everything that the iconic brands stand for and everything they represent. Not only that, but it is a physical representation of what one man has worked all his life to build. This is the story of Remo Ferri and his latest project Maserati Alfa Romeo of Oakville.

Remo FerriWe have all heard stories about humble beginnings and wealthy endings, though many of those stories are focused on the “riches”. Very few focus on the passion behind the wealth, the history that built these empires as we know them today. Those in the automotive industry know the name Remo Ferri very well. Although for those of you unfamiliar with his name, he is the man behind the Remo Ferri Group of Automobiles. Known prominently for being the only authorized seller of brand new Ferraris in Ontario, the Remo Ferri Group holds 15 brands across 12 dealerships varying from Maserati to Ford, and even Ducati. His passion for automobiles is embedded in Remo’s DNA, and his 45 years of experience of working with cars are proof of just that.

As young man Remo began his career as a mechanic doing the kind of work that cannot be done behind a desk. Working on the bench for many years gave him an in-depth understanding of each vehicle he got his hands on. The truth is, there is no better way to understand a car than opening the bonnet and getting your hands dirty. Like many entrepreneurs, working under the instruction of another individual simply wasn’t satisfying for Remo. In 1977, Remo had left his place of employment and started his own service centre. After continued success over the years, his first franchise had come to life with the Alfa Romeo marque. Unfortunately due to poor international sales, the Alfa brand had pulled out of North America in the early ‘90s and, with that, the franchise had to come to an end. Alfa Romeo has always had a place in Remo’s heart; to this day he still has some of the classics in his collection. It has been said that you are not a true petrol head until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo, and as Remo exclaimed, “Let us not forget where Ferrari came from.” The man came to this country just as many have – with very little understanding of this new world and even fewer dollars. His passion for these machines is what drove him to strive for something better every single day.Alfa Romeo Of Oakville Maserati

“I’m a lover of the product, a lover of sports cars and a lover of racing. Each of those is a part of me and part of the DNA of my organization,” explains Remo.

The latest addition the Remo Ferri group is something rather special. The new Oakville showroom is not only an expansion of the Maserati brand, it is also the new home of Alfa Romeo. It has been many years since Alfa had pulled out of the country. Last year, it was announced that the brand would return to North America with the new Alfa Romeo 4C compact sports car leading the pack. These luxury vehicles have been spotted hitting the streets this year and have made quite the impression within the community. The showroom is currently dominated by the Maserati marque. The reason being the Alfa brand currently only has the one model available for purchase for the North American market at this time. The 4C Spider will become available shortly, and over the next few years more and more models will become readily available for purchase.

Oakville has always been an area of southern Ontario known for its luxury estates and its wealthy community. In terms of high-end automotive brands in the area, dealers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi are a quick 10-minute drive away from the quaint downtown strip; although, something seemed to be missing – a high-end exotic dealership that was easily accessible to the buyers in the area. Remo seized the opportunity and purchased what was once the Lexus of Oakville showroom before they relocated. The property has since been completely overhauled to represent the exotic Italian brands as well as the flagship showroom does in Vaughan. The showroom is certainly not the largest one by any means, but it is all that is necessary for the time being, with more than enough room for growth in the near future.

Alfa Romeo of Oakville Maserati Dreams are sometimes the most vivid images of what we truly want from this world. It’s what we do when we’re awake that will determine whether or not we are able to turn those dreams into realities. Simply put, like Remo, we cannot give up on what we want most. Find a passion, work on it, strive to know all about it, turn it into a career and success will follow. It’s a mantra that is repeated to us throughout our entire lives. The phrasing may vary, but the message remains the same yet, very few of us actually listen. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? More than the majority of us can even fathom. As my own mother has always told me, “Do what you love, and others will love what you do.” Remo encompasses the idea of pursuing a passion regardless of what kind of environment you may come from. Everyone starts somewhere. While some individuals may have an advantage, we are all are capable in one way or another of doing what we love. Remo Ferri goes to work every day, without having to work a day in his life.


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