Experience the natural, cultural and political beauty that has been drawing Canadian investors towards Costa Rica.

The sunlight peers from behind a sheer, white curtain. A faint breeze flows past the barrier bringing with it the fresh, salty smell of the ocean. The waves crash against the rocks eloquently in the distance creating the perfect morning soundtrack.

Imagine waking up in this moment at any time you desire. While Canada’s climate has its own value, sometimes somewhere warmer and more relaxed is good for your soul. Expanding your Real Estate portfolio is one of the strongest investment decisions Canadians can make. Internationally, Costa Rica is one of the prime destinations to do so.Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a fascinating history and much like the breathtaking beaches it is home to, each grain of this history is integral to the story the country has to tell. Originally discovered by Christopher Columbus, it was given its name because of the decorative, gold bands the region’s inhabitants would wear in their noses and ears. Costa Rica translates into Rich Coast. They have a saying in the country, “Pura Vida,” which translates to pure life, and it is extremely reflective of the lifestyle in Costa Rica. As soon as you step foot on the warm, sandy beach or wander the labyrinth of one of its mysterious rainforests, you instantly forget the trouble and stress of everyday life and begin to embrace Pura Vida.

Politically, the country is the most stable in its entire region. It is known as the Switzerland of the Americas. Costa Rica has the longest standing democracy in Central America and eradicated its army in 1949. The government instead uses these funds for heath care and educational development, which is why it comes as no surprised that the citizens have one of the highest life expectancies in the Western hemisphere and a consistently growing literacy rate.

Economically, Costa Rica has been performing extremely well. Historically, the country has always been very dependent on the exporting of goods, mainly coffee, bananas and beef products; however, in the past few decades, tourism has quickly surpassed exporting as its main source of foreign exchange. The country is also becoming a leader in technological development. Well-known companies such as Intel, Amazon, HP and Proctor & Gamble have purchased space to operate out of Costa Rica.

As a vacation destination, Costa Rica is a very convenient choice. It is just hours away from North America and provides a desirable, tropical climate combined with calm, warm oceans and a whimsical, peace-loving populace. There are direct flights available from a number of major cities, including Toronto, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, LA, Denver, Charlotte, New York, New Jersey and many more. The tourism structure is based around the budget of a gallivanting backpacker, which helps to allow travelers of all budgets to experience the marvels that Costa Rica has to offer. Horseback riding, kayaking, parasailing, hiking, surfing, fishing, waterfall tours and zip lining are among the top activities to choose from while vacationing in this radiant country.Costa Rica

The country’s landscape is an alluring blend of natural wonders, including fierce volcanoes, magnificent rainforests and tranquil, eclectic beach communities. Costa Rica has an incredibly diverse ecological composition that includes five distinct ecosystems, namely dry forest, cloud forests, Mangroves, Paramo and coral reefs, all of which fuse together to create the mural that is Costa Rica. The adventure and exploration possibilities are so endless it can be overwhelming. Seeing everything in a short vacation would be impossible, but for those investing in property, the time constraints disappear into the sweet, salty ocean breeze.

Eclipsed in a unique, misty cover, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in North Puntarenas is truly one of the most awe-inspiring sights one can experience. Unlike all the other rainforests in Costa Rica, this one has a soft blanket of mist covering its entirety. The mist is created due to high humidity at the elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level. The moisture beads that make up this blanket latch onto the tree branches and shelter the thriving ecosystem below.

Another site that should not be missed is the fierce Arenal Volcano National Park in Alajuela. The smoky peak of this volcano kisses the rolling clouds and is known around the world as one of the most beautiful volcanoes. Pre-Columbian inhabitants considered it to be sacred.Costa Rica

Guanacaste is one of the most popular provinces to visit in Costa Rica, and home to the luxurious Reserva Conchal Beach Resort, Golf and Spa. This is truly a one-of-a-kind destination for travellers looking to escape the grasps of their monotonous everyday routine. Spanning across 2,300 acres with 1,200 five-star residences this eco-friendly resort is dedicated to showcasing all that Costa Rica has to offer while maintaining a harmony with its natural surroundings.

For more information on Reserva Conchal, please visit: www.reservaconchal.com

The culture of Costa Rica is described as, “Happy, laid back, relaxed, diverse… Pura Vida. There is something for everyone here, but the overwhelmingly consistent factor for visitors and investors is how amazed they are at the quality of life and happiness,” explains Scott Cutter, a Real Estate broker with 2 Costa Rica Real Estate. There is no place better to experience this than Nosara, a tranquil beach community. It is the number one surfing destination in all of Costa Rica; Pura Vida is truly alive in Nosara. The town is defined by its worries-by-the-wayside attitude and the lack of commercialism it exudes. Affectionately known about town as “No Shirt, No Shoes, Nosara,” this surfers’ haven has three beaches for visitors to enjoy.Costa Rica

While these are merely a few highlights that Costa Rica has to offer, no matter where your feet land, you are bound to fall in love with the country. “Everything moves at a slower pace, which for some of the faster-paced visitors may take a little getting used to, but the heart of the people and the lifestyle in Costa Rica is all about enjoying and living life. The focus is on family, nature and sustainability in all senses of the word,” Scott explains.

Scott and his partner and brother Todd Cutter fell into their lives in Costa Rica Real Estate almost by accident. They began their own love affair with this country while working in the tourism industry. They were involved in hotel management and worked with a travel agency, which brought them to Costa Rica’s rocky shores. “Through our commitment to our clients, servicing their families and helping them have memorable experiences, we began to introduce them to the idea of owning a piece of the paradise that is Costa Rica,” Scott says. The demand for international investment properties has been growing in Canada, and Scott and Todd saw an opportunity for a new adventure in their careers.

Costa RicaGetting their brokerage up and running has been a long, but exhilarating process. They have a unique approach to the Real Estate industry that their clients respect. “Our deliberate approach is less about taking advantage of a booming market and moving quickly, and more about building long-term relationships and ensuring clients make the best investments possible,” Scott elaborates. The two have always focused on finding the right team members, slow and steady growth and a commitment to excellence. After nearly 15 years of experience in the industry, and 20 years spent in Costa Rica, the driven duo have established the most distinguished brokerage firm and consulting team in the country. Scott believes, “The key to investing is matching the destination, lifestyle and investment goals with your own and your family’s vision.”

If you’re interested in expanding into tropical, international Real Estate, Scott and Todd stress the importance of working on a macro to micro level, as they do with their clients. “Oftentimes we slow down the process to ensure we first educate clients and investors about Costa Rica as a destination. They need to know the people, the culture, the government, health care system and macro economic drivers,” he explains. It is very easy to fall in love with a beautiful condo or property, but it is important to view the country as a whole and take other things, including climate, infrastructure, lifestyle and amenities, into consideration as well.

“This country and its people represent everything which I hold and cherish as important in my life. A deep respect for the environment, amazing beauty everywhere you look and the opportunity to share memories with friends and family in one of the most magical settings on the planet,” Scott explains. Costa Rica is truly warm in both climate and genuine nature of its people.

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