The sun rises and the clouds part to reveal the snow-capped peaks of a breathtaking mountain skyline. There is a spirit, a feeling, a vibe that is entirely unique to the mountain lifestyle, and only the true lovers of winter understand this.

For years, the Blue Mountain community has been dedicated to catering to those that not only embrace the winter season, but live for it; the individuals who smile when that first breath of cold winter air fills their lungs, and get a gleam in their eye when the first snow starts to fall. Blue Mountain is for you.

During the winter months, Blue Mountain near Collingwood, ON, turns into a snow-covered winter wonderland. Nestled in the Niagara Escarpment, this is one of the largest ski and snowboard destinations in Canada. While having access to well-groomed mountain slopes at your doorstep may be its main attraction, this quaint little town has more to offer than you can imagine. With a budding culinary scene, a spa selection that takes guests on a trip to tranquility and an exhilarating mountain rollercoaster that takes you on a trip though the mountain you won’t forget, it is difficult not to fall in love with mountain living.

Less Talking, More Skiing

Blue Mountain For many, winter is a time of adventure. A time where your adrenaline takes over and an undeniable urge to conquer the mountain fills your heart. With 250 acres of ski and snowboard terrain and a vertical of 720 ft., this is the perfect atmosphere for Canada’s winter warriors.

The Blue Mountain Resort features 42 wide-open ski and snowboard slopes ranging in level of difficulty. There are eleven hills for beginners, 16 for individuals with some previous experience, eight for regular skiers and snowboarders, and seven for experts. The area receives an average snowfall of 279 cm a year, with 98% snowmaking coverage.

While some thrive on the mountain, there are others who have never experienced the thrill of racing down a hill with the mountain air running through them. For these visitors the resort offers lessons and training that not only prepare you for the hills, but get you excited to challenge the mountain. Offering everything from children’s lessons, beginner’s lessons and private lessons, the team at the Blue Mountain Resort will have you gliding atop the snow in no time.Blue Mountain

If there is one thing that everyone should experience while visiting Blue Mountain, it’s the mountain itself. The sights are breathtaking and should be explored to the fullest extent. One of the best ways to do this is through an exhilarating ride on Blue Mountain Resort’s Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster. The coaster takes visitors over 3,000 ft. high and twists and turns throughout the entire mountain’s varied terrain. Riders control their own speed, so whether you want to soar through at high speed or coast slowly through to take in the view as much as you can, the coaster caters to your desire.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating this winter, one thing most of them have in common is delicious food paired with excellent beverages. The Blue Mountain Village is home to some fantastic culinary gems.

Copper Blues, Blue MountainA freshly made omelette filled with vine-ripened tomatoes and basil paired with crunchy spinach and strong aged cheddar; can you think of a more delicious way to start your day? If savoury isn’t your favourite taste in the morning, try fresh-off-the-iron Belgian waffles with caramelized apples, vanilla Chantilly and maple syrup. Oliver & Bonacini in the Blue Mountain Village does not disappoint breakfast lovers.

After a day of exploring everything that the mountain has to offer, there is nothing the body craves more than to indulge in something delicious. Perhaps an 8oz New York striploin steak grilled to perfection and sizzling underneath a fresh, savoury Atlantic lobster tail would do the trick. Some soft ravioli filled with perfectly seasoned, sweet butternut squash sautéed in brown butter might be even better. Copper Blues is one of the most beloved restaurants in the heart of the Blue Mountain Village with a spectacular setting overlooking the Village Events Plaza.

As the day winds down, and the air gets even cooler outside, warm up with a glass of fine wine paired with a crab crusted salmon and mini potato confit topped with dill pesto. The Wine Spectator awarded the Twisted Martini Restaurant and Lounge the 2015 Award of Excellence, partially due to the fact that this culinary masterpiece offers over 100 of the finest wines to choose from.

Nordic Serenity

Scandinave Spa, Blue Mountain Hidden in the middle of the mountain’s natural forest, just minutes from the Blue Mountain Village and the fresh water of the Georgian Bay, is the award-winning Scandinave Spa. Visitors have described an experience at the Scandinave Spa as unlike anything they’ve ever encountered, relaxing, tranquil, refreshing and calming. This spa transforms you.

The Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain rests on 25 acres of natural Ontario birch, Canadian maple and pine trees. While visiting, clients can enjoy the location’s expansive views of UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Niagara Escarpment while keeping their eyes open for glimpses of wildlife. Often the spa is host to visitors from all over the mountain including, birds, deer, rabbits, turtles and even wild turkeys.

The Scandinave Spa specializes in hydrotherapy, which is a process that uses both hot and cold stimuli to elicit specific reactions from the body that help to revitalize and restore health. The Scandinavian baths are known all over the world for their relaxing effects and ability to awaken the senses. The hot temperatures increase blood flow and help release endorphins into the body creating the perfect balance of invigoration and calm.

What Does Winter Mean to You?

The Westin Trillium House, Blue MountianSome people feel the temperature drop and immediately think of adventure, exploration and exhilaration. Some people see the snow start to fall and think of relaxation, indulgence and tranquility. No matter what winter means to you, Blue Mountain is the place to enjoy the season. With 42 trails of skiable acres to choose from, over 40 unique restaurants and boutiques to wander through and a spa that specializes in taking clients far away from the ordinary, Blue Mountain gives visitors a first-hand look at the mountain lifestyle. Once you’ve experienced it, it’s impossible to forget.