One of the wonderful things about larger countries like Canada is that there are travel options within the borders. Particularly in Canada and the U.S., there is so much to see that one doesn’t need to leave the country to enjoy a remarkable getaway. In this post we’ll look not at any of the big cities or famous nature reserves around the country, but rather at a small but remarkable resort near the U.S. border in British Columbia. The River Rock Casino Resort can make for a beautiful and entertaining vacation, no matter where in North America you may hail from.

Located on the banks of the Fraser River on Lulu Island, the River Rock Resort is a picturesque destination built in the image of an oversized cabin, and perched above its own small river harbour. Lodgins vary from cozy, contemporary rooms that are competitively priced to more luxurious suites. And, as you may notice sifting through reviews, visitors frequently comment on the hospitality, which is top-notch without being particularly intrusive or overbearing.

The casino, which attracts many to River Rock, is among the more exciting and comprehensive offerings in Canada. The reality facing the casino industry is that a lot of players have been migrating to primarily online play, and business in Canada is no exception. There are several fully licensed online casinos operating in the country, each catering to a broad range of players and offering a wide variety gaming experiences. That convenience just can’t be matched by in-person venues. But at River Rock, you’ll find the kind of comforts and amenities that make in-person gaming valuable. There are uniformed dealers, professional tables, and scheduled events like poker tournaments and jackpot draws that all combine to make for a quality casino experience. It’s a nice throwback to the days before online gaming, yet it still feels somewhat modern in its own way.

The resort also caters to those who are looking to hold larger events, rather than simple vacation getaways or gambling adventures. It’s a somewhat unconventional setup, but guests can actually rent out a venue within the resort called the River Rock Theatre, and it can be configured to suit different purposes. There can be a stage or a dance floor, or you can have it set up more like a convention centre or dining room. Weddings naturally come to mind, but any sort of event can be hosted here within the comfort of the resort as a whole. It’s certainly a nice thing to keep in mind for potential destination events, if you happen to have any of those on your upcoming schedule.

Perhaps more than the resort itself, it’s the surrounding area that makes River Rock such an attractive getaway. The resort is just a short drive away from Vancouver, where many of the best things to enjoy are ideal daytime activities. That means a day trip to Vancouver to take in a beautiful beach or national park is perfectly feasible even if you want to spend the evening back at the River Rock. Similarly, a trip to Seattle or Olympic National Park south of the border is doable, though not nearly as convenient as Vancouver. For these destinations, you might want to think of adding a second leg to your trip.
All things considered, this is certainly a resort to keep on your list next time you’re plotting a getaway while never having to leave Canada.