Investing in Real Estate is one of the strongest moves Canadians can make, and not just nationally, but internationally as well. 

Costa Rica is one of the most economically and politically stable countries in Latin America making it a prime location for Canadians looking to expand their Real Estate portfolios.

Economically, Costa Rica has been thriving for the past decade. The countery has strong export numbers and their tourism numbers are rising every year to record high levels. This country has one of the highest levels of foreign investment per capita in all of Latin America. In 2014, Costa Rica exceeded its annual goal for foreign investment by an estimated $300 million.

The recent opening of the new Costa Rica airport has strengthened the country’s accessibility and lead to a long list of new development projects. The average price of property in Costa Rica has also started to level off in the past few years, making it more attractive to investors. With more Canadians investing in the country, the demand for high-end property has only risen in popular areas such as San Jose.

It is also relatively easy to buy and own property in Costa Rica, easier than a number of other tropical destinations. Most foreign investors purchase Real Estate through the use of a simple tourist visa. Others set up a private business or corporation proving them with more commercial freedom. Investors are able to establish a business in Costa Rica without legal citizenship.

Ecotourism is one of the prime attractions in Costa Rica. By 1990, Costa Rica became known as the poster child for ecotourism and is one of many developing nations that has embraced ecotourism as a way of capitalizing on the growing popularity of this travel trend.

For these reasons and many more, Costa Rica has become an ideal location for Canadians to invest.


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