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The New Mercedes-Benz Burlington Website – By Mike Spry

There are an endless multitude of venues where the discernable luxury car aficionado can purchase their next obsession. Nearly every metropolis comes equipped with an automobile alley, an infinite strip bound in dealerships with promise upon promise, deal upon deal, dream upon dream. Once you’ve decided on a brand, on an automobile manufacturer, your choices narrow but they are not few. In Southern Ontario, for all Mercedes-Benz dealerships, there’s just one choice: Mercedes-Benz Burlington.

Choosing a dealership is stepping into a relationship that will last as long as any you cherish. This is bringing someone into your family, for your automobile is charged with your family’s safety, prosperity, hopes, and ambitions. As they note of themselves, “When you choose Mercedes-Benz Burlington, you choose a lifelong partnership with your dealer.” They are “committed to helping you find the right vehicle for you, as well as preserving the performance, safety, reliability, and long-term value of your Mercedes-Benz.” Mercedes-Benz Burlington is the flagship dealership for Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Smart and Mercedes-Benz vans in Southern Ontario. And for years they’ve been satisfying every Mercedes-Benz need of their expansive clientele, rising to every challenge, adapting to every new landscape: technological, socio-economical, fantastical. And now they have taken yet another step forward in bringing you the very best in an automotive dealership for the 21st century: the new Mercedes-Benz Burlington website.

Mercedes-Benz Burlington
has always taken great pride in setting itself apart from its peers, and the new online venue is no exception. They’ve moved to a new website platform that is more intelligent, faster, and ultimately crafted and perfected to deliver the best experience possible for their contemporary customers. The new side-by-side vehicle compare tool is an extraordinary device, allowing visitors to easily navigate and modulate their choices for their next Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, visitors can “save” vehicles making online shopping easier and more convenient for the modern customer. Plus, now shoppers can access an improved 24/7 live chat feature putting them in direct contact with a trained and knowledgeable Mercedes-Benz Burlington expert.

Additionally, now customers can view comprehensive how-to videos that can either answer their questions or tease their curiosity or solve their problems. Everything from how to pair your smartphone, to using the COMAND feature, to climate control and touchpad explanations, with more added as the need or interest arises. Most importantly, all Mercedes-Benz brands are now on a single site: Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Smart and Mercedes-Benz vans can all be investigated, compared, contrasted, and longed-for in one place.

In the digital age your luxury car and its dealer should both aspire to the very latest in technological advances, advents that should inform both product and proprietor. Mercedes-Benz has been at the forefront of automotive excellence since rubber first skidded along pavement. Mercedes-Benz Burlington has been bringing the Mercedes-Benz experience to Southern Ontario with pride and perfection, and their new website is a tribute to both car and dealer. The online experience is easier, more user-friendly, and more accessible than ever, ensuring that no matter where you are, no matter the hour, Mercedes-Benz Burlington can provide you with the online Mercedes-Benz experience that the brand demands.