The all new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is an achievement of intense passion and beauty for all the senses. The breathtaking performance, scene-stealing looks and growl from inside that intimidates the road itself make this vehicle truly one of a kind.

This new Mercedes-Benz-AMG GT is taking the sports car brand into a new segment of innovation. This is the second sports car that has been designed entirely in-house by Mercedes-Benz-AMG. It is complete with everything you would expect from the luxury car brand and more, including a 4.0 litre, V8 biturbo engine. With the power of a race car, the AMG GT is still able to provide a relaxed two-seater interior making it a reliable companion for everyday driving with plenty of room for luggage and a high level of comfort for longer trips.

 Mercedes-Benz-AMG GT

Dynamic Design

The new Mercedes-Benz-AMG GT is a sports car first and foremost. It was created with aw-inspiring proportions, perfectly sculpted surfaces and easy flowing lines that emit both strength and sensuality. The two-door coupe is the first of its kind to be introduced in a classic fastback style.

The innovators at Mercedes-Benz-AMG have sculpted a true piece of artwork with this new luxury vehicle. It features a long hood with a cock pit that is situated much further back than most. With its arched roof design and frameless doors, the vehicle gives off a strong, smooth and polished image.

 Mercedes-Benz-AMG GT The design features two outer fins on the side air outlets that provide a modern twist on a classic Mercedes-Benz feature. Arguably the most profound front-end ever created, the AMG GT features a three-dimensional diamond radiator grille with a central Mercedes-Benz star. The side lights and indicators combined with three separate high-beam reflectors, complete the front-end’s exclusive look.

 Mercedes-Benz-AMG GT

While the front is illusive, the new AMG GT would not be complete without the cutting-edge composition of its rear-end. The license plate bracket is placed on the lowest part of the bumper ensuring room for the Mercedes star to take a prominent position on the smooth-surfaced deck lid. The overall wide stance, broad shoulders and narrow tail light design give the AMG GT an illusive appearance at any angle. The design is complete with a retractable spoiler that is hidden while the car is at a standstill.

While the exterior of a car leaves an impression on those around you, it is the interior that you experience for yourself. The AMG GT interior is the finest combination of emotion and sensual purity that will excite you each time you open the door to get inside.

The central aviation-themed design, which is a hallmark of the Mercedes-Benz brand, has been restyled to put an emphasis on the width of the dashboard. The four central spotlight-style vents and additional individualized vents at each end reinforce this impression. The combination of high belt-lines, concave-shaped door paneling, low seating and dramatic centre console truly make the driver feel like they are in the cockpit of a fighter jet.

The centre console is full of features that not only enhance your driving experience, but create a new level of convenience. The design is entirely customizable with numerous trim options including silver chrome, matte carbon fibre, high-gloss carbon fibre, black diamond and matte silver fibreglass. The display screen is entirely free-standing making it easily seen while driving to minimize the potential of distraction. The precision steering wheel is complete with fingertip controls on either side.

“One Man, One Engine.”

 Mercedes-Benz-AMG GT The contemporary AMG GT features the newly engineered V8 engine which stands out with its precision power input. The linear power delivered through this new design makes it easy to handle the vehicle even when pushed to its limits. It gives the driver immediate response and high-pulling power. The sophistication behind this engine’s construction factors in the current driving conditions and adjusts accordingly. The engine is created in Affalterback using the “one man, one engine,” principle. This means that the engines are each built by hand by one of the highly-skilled engine builders inside the AMG engine shop. Each one of the engines bears the builder’s actual signature on the AMG engine plate.

This new V8 was created using technologies already proved successful in the 2.0 litre turbo engine in the CLA45 AMG which is presently the most powerful, series-production, four-cylinder engine in the world. Both of these models use the same bore/stroke ratio, providing the basis for high revving ability. It has two turbochargers that are mounted inside the V configuration; experts call this new design the “hot inside V.” This gives the AMG GT a compact engine design, optimum response capabilities from the turbochargers and low-exhaust gas emissions due to the optimum air flow for the close-coupled catalytic converters. Mercedes-Benz-AMG GT

To provide the ultimate power transmission for the new AMG GT, engineers used a combination of front mid-engine placement and seven-speed duel clutch transmission in transaxle configuration at the rear-axle. This also provides an optimal weight distribution of 47% (front) to 53% (rear). This car is complete with AMG Dynamic Select technology that allows the driver to choose from several modes of driving. They include the C-mode (Controlled Efficiency), S-mode (Sport), S Plus-mode (Sport Plus) and the brand new I-mode (Individual).

The new Mercedes-Benz-AMG GT sports car is the epitome of design and power. This luxury vehicle will truly take the ordinary out of any driver’s everyday commute.

The new AMG GT will arrive at Mercedes-Benz Burlington by May of 2015. For more information, please scan the code below and visit: