Builder Curtis Wouters found the perfect piece of property for his first speculation home on Sagamo Blvd. in Port Carling. He worked hard to create a spectacular building, signed on with a realtor who assured him it would sell quickly, and then… waited. It was only when he began working with the Cayman Marshall team almost a year later that a stressful situation turned into a success story.

Cayman Marshall International Realty Inc. BrokerageBorn and raised in Muskoka, Wouters recognized an ideal property when he saw it in 2014: a 1.7-acre piece of flat land with 215 feet of waterfront on Lake Rosseau, southwest exposure and long views. Not only that, but he was able to built just 35 feet from the shoreline because of the existing structure. It was a builder’s dream.

Wouters spent the next nine months translating his vision into reality. “I was constantly tweaking and changing things to make it the perfect fit for the landscape that’s there,” he says. “It was a custom build from start to finish.”

With high hopes, he put his masterpiece on the market. But months later, with the summer season winding down, it still hadn’t sold. Wouters decided to take the property off the market and started talking to different realtors, including Todd Addair of Cayman Marshall. “There was no pressure, no ego there,” Wouters says. “Todd just wanted to hear our problems and what he could do. That led to him asking for the listing.”

Cayman Marshall International Realty Inc. BrokerageWouters gave Adair three months to prove himself, beginning January 1. “He sold it in 30 days, in the middle of winter,” says Wouters. “And he sold it to an amazing client who has since added a bunch of work through me and my trades, which is great for our economy up here. The follow-up business with them has been amazing.”

According to Wouters, the Cayman Marshall team’s attention to detail is what sets them apart. “It pays off. It’s like those TV shows: if you listen, you get results.”

Take staging, for instance. While the previous realtor had told Wouters the empty building would sell itself, Adair not only recommended staging, but made some calls to arrange for the services of Urban Rustic Living. The results were so impressive that the buyers purchased the furniture, too.

Cayman Marshall International Realty Inc. BrokerageWouters also appreciated Cayman Marshall’s international connections and use of technology for lead generation and marketing. “The buyers fell in love with it online because of the way Todd presented it, and they bought it sight unseen,” he says.
The sale of the Sagamo Blvd. property was only the beginning for Wouters. He has since purchased more land on Lake Joseph through Cayman Marshall, and he’s beginning a full-year build there. “Good land is hard to come by, and Todd helped me find it,” he says. “We’ll definitely list with him when we’re ready to sell. I have 100% confidence that Todd’s got the network in place to look after guys like me.”

Looking back, Wouters says the emotional rollercoaster of his first speculation build was worth it to find a business match like Cayman Marshall. “You’ve got to get the right team lined up, not just people who want your money, but who want to work with you, who you see a future with,” he says. “I’m going to work for years with Todd.”