Sometimes a name says it all. Nightscapes.

For more than 16 years, Chris Shirchenko, owner of Nightscapes of Muskoka, has been designing award winning lighting systems. For Chris, starting his own lighting business was a natural next step. In his teens, he worked with his father and brother Nick, designing and installing outdoor lighting. “I really enjoyed every minute and realized this could be a career.” Even though he decided to strike out on his own, it’s still a family business. Brother Nick and a cousin are both involved and it’s a hands on project, from start to finish. The result is a customized, low maintenance night time sanctuary for his clients.

Watching sunsets is an Olympic cottage sport, but what follows the sunset is more like the medal winning after party. Most nights, the sky is assembled like a brilliant Rubik’s Cube, dazzling with ancient constellations. The Milky Way, swirls like a gentle cascade of champagne, shooting stars sweep by and disappear just as suddenly. The sky is a river of stars above the serene inky beauty of the lakes below. The team at Nightscapes understands this phenomenon of nature and is committed to ensuring that the nightly show remains serene and unhampered by light pollution.

Leading cottagers down a dark and winding walkway in the pitch black of a Muskoka night is a delicate balance. Ambient lighting is needed for security and safety to illuminate a shady bend or steep shoreline staircase, without turning the landscape into an amusement park after dark. To that end Nightscapes offers LED systems that are dimmable, allowing areas to be programmed or completely turned off; all accessible through a phone app. The proper lighting mood is just a click away for relaxing on the dock or a late night boat cruise.

The consultation process begins at dusk so clients experience the wide array of stunning, state-of-the-art LED fixtures in real time, as the natural light fades. Compared to traditional incandescent or halogen low voltage lights, LED lights conserve 75% more energy. A cottage’s architecture and the natural landscape are key to setting a soft glow at dusk, and a warm, gentle luminosity after dark. When considering outdoor lighting, it’s important to take into account both the outside and inside of cottages. The already spectacular inside-to-out views that are so unique to Muskoka should be enhanced, not obliterated by blinding lights. Strategically placed uplighting accentuates focal points and showcases the dramatic textures of native tree trunks and natural rock faces. This creates a soft radiance on the abundant natural foliage and elegantly silhouettes Muskoka pines on cloudy moonless nights. 

If starting from scratch isn’t in your plan or budget, Nightscapes also specializes in retrofitting existing systems. They can seamlessly replace older fixtures with LED models and update setups to accommodate any changes to landscaping and outdoor spaces.

In this age of twitter and 24 frame per second attention spans, just looking upward after dark can calm and soothe any hectic work week or commute. The lake at night seems to fuse into the sky and the nightly show never gets old. With just the slightest calibration of wind or cloud a Muskoka night sky seems to drift like smoke, from plain to dazzling in mere seconds. The team at Nightscapes like to say, “We start every design on the premise that outdoor lighting is there to enhance the beauty of the north. A subtle combination of style and function is our mission.”

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