Mercedes-Benz Burlington’s Q spa has grown into an award winning spa facility that cannot be understood until fully experienced.

While luxury is something that has always been synonymous with the Mercedes-Benz brand, one does not often associate it with relaxation, wellness and rejuvenation. Mercedes-Benz Burlington (MBB) has completely changed this concept.

Amidst the striking 2016 AMG GT and the sultry new GLE Coupe housed inside MBB’s glass walls, clients will find a hidden gem that caters to those who are in search of the purest sense of relaxation. The Q spa opened in 2012, and has since grown a reputation for providing clients with a sense of tranquility unlike anything they have experienced before.Mercedes-Benz Burlington’s Q spa

“We’re not like any other spa and it has everything to do with the fact that we’re inside the dealership and an extension of Mercedes-Benz Burlington. The quality of service that MBB provides is translated through our services as well,” explains Johanna Mahy, the Director of Q spa.

Upon entering the spa area inside the dealership, each one of your senses is warmly greeted by the atmosphere. The lighting is soft on your eyes, the music is soothing to your ears and the entire space smells of a soft lavender-like fragrance. You cannot help but begin to unwind by simply walking inside.

Johanna has been a part of the Q spa team since it opened in June of 2012. By December of the same year, she had taken over management of the spa. With nearly 10 years of industry experience, countless industry certifications and a diploma from the National Institute of Esthetics, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that she would grow Q spa into something incredible.

Mercedes-Benz Burlington’s Q spaWhile under her management, Q spa has established a long list of loyal clients and even won awards for the level of excellence they provide in their services.

“In 2014 we won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Spa/ Esthetic service and I myself won the award for Best Esthetician. In the following year, we came in second place and I won first again. I remember getting the email the first time and letting out a tiny scream of joy,” Johanna recalls.

Keeping in line with the quality for which Mercedes-Benz is known worldwide, Q spa only carries the finest brands and products available. For skin-care, Q spa clients will revel in the benefits of one of Europe’s most recognized brands, Valmont. For a spa to be granted the privilege to carry the Valmont line it is put through rigorous testing and its employees receive special certifications and training from Valmont itself. It is only found in the highest quality facilities including the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto and the Ritz Carlton in New York.

Moroccanoil is a brand known for empowering beautiful transformations through their revolutionary hair products. Businesses in the beauty industry dream of carrying these products in their facilities and the brand is very selective on who they partner with. Q spa has such a strong reputation for purity and class that Moroccanoil actually approached Johanna to be used for their services. Q spa not only carries Maroccanoil hair products, but also Moroccanoil body products, which can only be found in a few select venues in Canada.

For makeup services, Q spa has partnered with Jane Iredale, a brand that offers a mineral makeup line in which each product is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.Mercedes-Benz Burlington’s Q spa

“Jane, who is the founder and owner of the brand, worked in television for years doing make up for different TV personalities. The brands that were available at the time used to destroy their skin, so her goal was to create a line that provided the same quality of coverage but was gentle on the complexion,” Johanna explains.

By carrying such highly sought after brands, Q spa is able to ensure unparalleled results. Services include traditional spa activities such as manicures (both polish and shellac), pedicures, facials, makeup application and relaxation massages; but there are also some more unique and uncommon services available. Valmont offers a Body Time Control Treatment that Q spa performs. This is an anti-cellulite treatment that can be entirely customized to each client’s needs. Johanna and her team are also trained to perform a Dermapod treatment which is a crystal microdermabrasion and light therapy that is used to erase flaws in the skin, refine pores, reduce uneven pigmentation and smooth scars and blemishes.

Q spa does not just cater to a female clientele. There is an entire selection of services designed just for men. In fact, 40 per cent of clients that come to Q spa are male. The average percentage for most spas it is barely at 10 per cent. Men can indulge in relaxation massages, facials, eye treatments, manicures and pedicures.

Mercedes-Benz Burlington’s Q spa“I think the reason our male clientele is so much higher than your average spa is because we’re inside Mercedes-Benz Burlington. There’s a stigma attached to men who attend spas, and that sort of disappears here. They don’t feel uncomfortable or out of place walking inside like they normally would,” says Johanna.

Q spa has surpassed everyone’s expectations in popularity and the loyalty of the spa’s clients is something to be admired. Johanna and her team know that this is only the beginning for Q spa, and there is a bright and exciting future ahead for their brand.

Q spa is not just for MBB clients; it is open to the general public as well. For more information, or to book your own Q spa experience, visit