Handcrafted, distinctive and timeless Canadian jewellery from designers Lily Szekely and Bev Soutar.

What began as a hobby developed through a passion for crafting beautiful jewellery has now grown into a thriving independent business for sisters Lily Szekely and Bev Soutar. The design duo started their jewellery brand by making unique pieces for friends and family. Eventually, the demand for their jewellery grew so high they decided to turn it into a business, and Lavender Lane Studio was born. Today, Lily and Bev have a long list of loyal clients who look to them for timeless and distinctive pieces that they love.Lavender Lane Studio Jewellery

“We have been making jewellery for longer than I can remember, and we turned it into a business about 10 years ago,” Bev explains.

Their brand is defined through the unique and original nature of each handcrafted piece. Lavender Lane Studio has a distinct design voice that is classic while still contemporary; this voice is reflected in the name.

“We chose a name that reflected a feeling of timelessness and beauty. Lavender reminds us of that old world charm and allure,” Bev elaborates.

All of their design work is done to ensure that the jewellery is everlasting and special enough to stand-alone or be combined with other pieces. Their mantra has always been, “We want you to love our pieces and wear them forever.”

Lavender Lane Studio JewelleryLily and Bev have done a great deal of travelling and pull inspiration from exotic countries around the world that you can see reflected through in their jewellery.

“Italy in particular has had a major design influence on our brand. Places like Florence, Rome and Capri really spoke to us while we were there and the culture and architecture of those places comes through in our jewellery,” explains Lily.

In addition to design inspiration, Lily and Bev source their materials from around the world. The two select quality stones from all over and each one is inspected thoroughly to ensure it holds the clarity, colour and uniqueness that clients have come to expect of their brand. Materials you find in Lavender Lane Studio pieces include fine silver, sterling silver brushed with a soft patina, semi-precious stones, pearls, leather, wood and Swarovski© crystals.

The brand is continuously evolving and growing to bring new and exciting designs to their collection. Clients love the pieces that Lily and Bev create because they are not only unique, but can be worn forever.

Lavendar Lane Studio pieces are currently available at Mercedes-Benz Burlington inside the dealership showroom and online at www.lavenderlanestudio.ca.