Smaller than a full-sized van, larger than a compact van, the Metris has the space you need to carry more while staying agile and versatile.

Mercedes-Benz is breaking the norm once again with the introduction of the all-new 2016 Metris. Vans are traditionally a vehicle produced purely for practicality, but the Metris combines practicality and convenience with European style and the kind of luxury you’ve come to expect from Mercedes-Benz. This mid-sized vehicle is available as both a cargo van and a passenger van and adapts to whatever your business needs are. The All New 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris

The Right Fit for Any Job

The new mid-sized design provides plenty of space for cargo, but allows convenience when travelling in narrow streets and parking in tight spaces.

Dimensions & Capabilities Cargo Van Passenger Van
Turning Diameter – m (ft) 11.8 (38.7) 11.8 (38.7)
Door Opening Height – Side 124.5 (49) 124.5 (49)
Door Opening Height – Rear 122.5 (48.2) 122.5 (48.2)
Door Opening Width – Side 95.3 (37.5) 83.8 (33)
Door Opening Width – Rear 127 (50) 127 (50)
Cargo Bed Length 283.1 (111.5) 69.9 (27.5)
Maximum Width at Floor 168.5 (6.6.3) 155.2 (61.1)
Cargo Width at Wheelhouse 127 (50) 120.5 (47.4)
Interior Height 136.7 (53.8) 132.6 (52.2)
Cargo Volume – m (cu ft) 5.27 (186) 1.06 (38)
Max Available GVWR – kg (lbs) 3,050 (6,724) 3,050, (6,724)
Base Curb Weight – kg (lbs) 1,915 (4,222) 2,200 (4,850)
Max Payload – kg (lbs) 1,135 (2,502) 850 (1,874)
Max Available GCWR – kg (lbs) 5,300 (11,684) 5,300 (11,684)
Max Towing 2,250 (4,960 2,250 (4,960)
Max Seating 2 8
Length 514.1 (202.4) 514.1 (202.4)
Height 189 (74.4) 191 (75.2)
Width Including Mirrors 224.4 (88.3) 224.4 (88.3)

 The All New 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris


The brand new 2016 Metris has features that will not only protect you, but also your business. Each one is designed to provide you with nothing less than peace of mind knowing you or your employees are safe on the road.

Attention Assist: This safety feature was designed to learn each driver’s personal driving habits to actively and accurately detect signs of fatigue in order to audibly alert the driver to this potential danger. Attention assist can be adjusted and customized to each driver of the vehicle.

Crosswind Assist: In Canada, the weather can be unpredictable. This feature helps the Metris stay its designated course while battling strong sidewinds through the use of targeted, one-sided brake interventions.

Lane Keeping Assist:This feature utilizes a windshield-mounted camera to keep an eye on the road and ensure the driver does not drift into adjacent lanes. It will audibly and visually warn you should the vehicle start to veer.

Collision Prevention Assist: This feature works by audibly and visually warning the driver if a vehicle in front of theirs is too close. If the driver does not brake and a collision is about to take place, the Metris will automatically apply the brakes.

Blind Spot Assist: As described in the name, this feature helps eliminate the dangers of a blind spot. This is an exclusive Mercedes-Benz feature, which will audibly and visually warn a driver if the turn signal is activated when a vehicle is detected in the blind spot.

PARKTRONIC: This feature makes parking in the tightest of spaces a breeze. Using ultrasonic signals, PARKTRONIC’s sensors measure the distance between the van’s front and rear bumpers and any obstacles that may be present giving the driver audio and visual warnings.

 The All New 2016 Mercedes-Benz MetrisThe Perfect Combination

This new member of the Mercedes-Benz family is the ultimate combination of functionality, space and comfort. While providing you ample room for transporting whatever you need to, the Metris features a small footprint and all the comforts and luxuries that have become synonymous with the Mercedes-Benz name.

The all-new 2016 Metris will be available at Mercedes-Benz Burlington come Fall, 2015. For more information or to book your test drive, contact the team at Mercedes-Benz Burlington.

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