Mercedes-Benz Burlington proudly introduces the all-new Premier Express Service to all of its valued clients.

Mercedes-Benz Burlington, Quantum Automotive GroupIn today’s modern digital age, one of the most precious commodities is time. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, days in a week or weeks in a month. We desperately seek out ways to save ourselves time. Mercedes-Benz Burlington is aware of how valuable their clients’ time is and is introducing a new service that will further elevate their dealership experience and protect this precious resource.

The all-new Premier Express Service is an essential component in the new standard that every Mercedes-Benz Burlington client will receive. This initiative will allow Mercedes-Benz to set the benchmark for a new level of service and convenience.

Clients who visit Mercedes-Benz Burlington for routine maintenance on their vehicles such as mounted tire changeovers, brake fluid flushes and oil changes can now arrive for their appointment and they’ll be on their way in an hour or less. Depending on the type of maintenance being performed on the vehicle, clients will only need to wait about 60 minutes for it to be complete. If they’d also like a complimentary car wash, the visit will only take a few minutes extra.

Complete List of Services Available Through Premier Express:

Service A or Service B
Mounted Tire Swaps
Regular Oil Changes
Brake Fluid Flush
Tire Repair
63-Point Inspection

Mercedes-Benz Burlington, Quantum Automotive GroupMercedes-Benz Burlington has assembled a team of certified, trained and highly-skilled technicians that work together in synergy to get clients in and out in no more than an hour. These individuals are dedicated to one goal—saving clients time. Think of it as a mini pit crew dedicated to get you and your car back on the road.

“Studies have shown that the typical drive to a service dealership, combined with finding a parking spot, making your way inside and speaking to the right people can sometimes take up to an hour on its own. When clients come to Mercedes-Benz Burlington, they’ll have their vehicle immediately serviced and returned within an hour or so, giving them the greatest benefit of all—time.” – Adam Kostanowicz, Manager Corporate Development, Mercedes-Benz Burlington.

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