Your Mercedes-Benz, Your Way – By Mike Spry

A luxury automobile is not a car, it’s  a vessel—and not just a mode of transport, but a mode of expression. While in earlier pages we’ve described the technological advances that set the E-Class apart, Mercedes-Benz knows that perfection doesn’t begin and end with network capabilities and state-of-the-art safety features, peerless fuel efficiency and 9-speed transmission excellence. Luxury is in the details.

When we buy a house, we don’t live in the real estate agent-staged rooms. It’s not a hotel. We outfit our homes to express ourselves, to represent our past and present. We honour our families, our traditions, our hopes, our dreams. Each corner of each room has meaning—expresses value. We mark the door frame with our children’s heights. We tailor every piece of furniture, each fabric, to our tastes. Each part of the home makes a statement, and as a whole it is a representation of who we are, and who we want to be. So why don’t we treat our cars the same way? We do now.

The designo feature from Mercedes-Benz gives you the ability to completely customize the interior of your Mercedes-Benz to be the very essence of you. Express yourself through choosing each detail of the interior. The luxury sedan is your canvas, and Mercedes-Benz provides a diverse palette that would be the envy of any artist.

For paintwork, choose from deep high-gloss colours or low-sheen matte finishes. For upholstery: Nappa leather from south Germany with a special dye designed to bring out its natural grains and suede-like dinamica ceiling trim accentuate the already luxurious interior. Complete your cabin by selecting from an array of exotic woods (harvested with great respect for the environment), hand-stitched leather matching, and even stone granite.

These fine materials are not added to your Mercedes-Benz without great pride and forethought. These finishing touches are applied carefully, expertly, by skilled craftspeople, experienced artisans who know how important each detail is. The Mercedes-Benz design philosophy is “sensual purity” and nowhere is that more apparent than in the flourish of individualism that comes with the exclusive designo features.

Finally, your luxury automobile can match your unique tastes in their entirety. With designo, Mercedes-Benz has taken personalization of your car to a new level. Sitting in the cabin of your designo-sculpted masterpiece will be like sitting behind the wheel of a dream, as if the Mercedes-Benz engineers have crept into your fantasies and you’ve awoken to the splendid reality of an automotive dreamscape. It has been said before, and it will be said again: The Mercedes-Benz isn’t a car, it’s a lifestyle, and the style is all yours with designo.

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