Donald Trump is the single most Googled person on the planet. We’re engrossed by him, for better or worse. His impact has been felt globally pre-November 8th, 2016 and since his rise to the presidency on January 20th of this year.

Believe it or not, Canadians google “Donald Trump” more than “Justin Trudeau”. Secretly, many of us love it, or hate it, or love to hate it. What’s the difference?

Or more importantly, what does any of the American political craze have to do with Muskoka?

The divide between the right and left wing has perhaps never been sharper, and we’re feeling it too.

“From the conversations we’ve had with clients, there’s clearly different schools of thought,” says Todd Adair, owner of Cayman Marshall International Realty Inc. 

“There’s differing opinions on how to run a country: old school versus liberal thinking.”

While Trump may be old-school, he’s undoubtedly doing things differently; removing political jargon and replacing it with a langue of his own.

Here in Muskoka, buyers are talking.

“In 2016 we had conversations with dozens of American buyers. We were curious as to the rising interest in Muskokan real estate. So we threw the political question out there to see what feeling there was amongst interested buyers,” says Todd. “Some American buyers are clearly pro-Trump, but two-thirds of the buyers Cayman Marshall are working with currently see this political situation as fuel to own elsewhere.”

Purchasing a home in Muskoka makes sense for Americans on a number of other levels as well. First, when Americans look abroad to own property in another country, Canada is conveniently located. Second, the American dollar is up, which makes Canada even more attractive. And third, Muskoka continues to rise in prominence, ranked the number one summer destination by National Geographic. Add conveniences that come from proximity to Toronto and Muskoka becomes quite a compelling option. The time is ripe for Americans to buy in Muskoka.

“Year-over-year we’re up for large American purchases by 50% from 2015 to 2016. We’ll see how many more follow through,” says Todd

Canadian Skepticism

While Trump may have helped to propel a few Americans from the US to Canada, many of us wondered if some of the talk was only that… talk.

Pre-election, the media got a kick out of the Canadian Immigration website crashing from too many visitors. Combined with celebrity antics on Twitter and “pledges” to move north if Trump would win, there seemed to be an impending influx that Canadians would have to brace for.

But as we all know, it didn’t happen. Moving to Canada isn’t easy for Americans to do on a whim. As for the prophesied mass exodus, well, it just wasn’t real.

However, for Americans contemplating a safe haven or summer home in Canada, many of them found the impetus they needed from the election results.

Sales Representative Jessica Kaye deals with a high-profile American political figure who confessed to her, “In light of what has happened, we are actively seeking a vacation home in Muskoka.”

For this client, and others, Canada is a refuge from the “antics” they seek respite from.

Another client explained her rationale to buy in Canada: “We need to get away from this circus for the next four years.” And another: “I want to get out of Trumpville.”

Mike Arnold, another Sales Representative at Cayman Marshall, has a Canadian client living in the deep south who married an American. She told Mike, “We’re in the heart of Trumpville and we want to get out. My daughters are beside themselves that Trump is running the country.”

These sentiments continue to be expressed from the majority of our American clientele.

Many Americans have friends in Muskoka or have visited and realize people are coming here from all over the world for our lakes, natural beauty, and laid-back atmosphere. Americans also know they’re able to rent out their seasonal home to friends more easily.

Only Time Will Tell

Is there a Trump Effect? Resoundingly, yes. 

We’ve seen it: from a spike in inquiries, to a 50% increase in American sales.

Will the trend continue? Will Americans increasingly consider homes abroad? What will happen with the economy, and how will that affect Muskokans?

These are questions we’re continually searching out, dedicated to keeping you informed as your premier source of real estate in Muskoka.