MacLachlan College: Where Tradition and Vision Meet

The contemporary realities of 21st century parenting can sometimes be daunting. Not only do we aspire to raise our kids to be good people, we want to give them every opportunity to establish and cultivate lives of their own, to one day have the foundational advantage to promise their offspring the same. From the moment our children come into the world we are concerned with three major criteria: Their health, their happiness, and their education. MacLachlan College embraces this doctrine.

MacLachlan offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) in order to best navigate your child through the formative years of their education. Being accredited as an IB World School ensures that your child’s education will be fostered by an environment and curriculum that “can create and sustain authentic global learning communities” through subscription to unique, internationally-oriented pedagogical practices. All MacLachlan students are provided with a “learning environment focused on academic excellence, character and skill development with a deep commitment to student success and an ongoing commitment to the latest innovations in education.” Situating itself within a global construct, MacLachlan prides itself not just on enriching your child’s education journey from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, but also preparing them for post-secondary education and beyond in an ever-changing economic and sociopolitical landscape. MacLachlan’s Grade 7 to 12 academic program does just that by extending student learning through Advanced Placement options in the Upper School years.

Since 1978, MacLachlan’s pedagogical mandate has engaged “students at all grade levels by providing relevant, meaningful experiences within a collaborative, inquiry-based learning culture.” With enrollment of just over 300 students, small class sizes, university preparatory programs, a prideful and spirited community, and unparalleled extra-curricular activities, MacLachlan students find themselves situated in an environment that aspires to real world learning and real world expectations. As one parent notes, “The integration of traditional school subjects into larger educational themes allows the student room to be creative with the tools they have to achieve larger goals. An approach that is less rigid gives the student room to grow his/her thinking and develop new skills and aptitudes. It also is a more engaging and fun for the students.”

Point of Interest: 

“Not only did MacLachlan prepare my son academically, the experience provided him with the skills required to navigate the challenges and expectations of university life. We can’t thank the teachers enough for pushing him to reach his potential, while instilling confidence in his ability to succeed.”
– Parent of MacLachlan graduate

Class Notes: 

1. Engages students at all grade levels by providing relevant, meaningful experiences within a collaborative, inquiry-based learning culture.

2. Enrollment of just 300 promises small class sizes.

3. Highly skilled and dedicated teaching staff.

4. The 2018-2019 school year will mark MacLachlan’s 40th anniversary.

5. Years of commitment to challenging, collaborative and engaging innovative programs.

6. Promotes a learning culture of discovery and achievement.

7. Only private school in Oakville accredited as an IB World School.

8. University preparatory program in Grades 7 to Grade 12 with Advanced Placement courses.

9. Breadth of extra-curricular programs in both the lower and upper school.

10. School-wide House System (fosters school spirit and pride).

Oakville, ON