The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing through your open windows and every flower in your garden has come out to say hello. Summer time weather brings fresh ideas and new perspectives to light, which is why it is one of the most opportune times of the year to give your home a crisp, new look.

2016 is going to be an innovative and exciting year for the world of interior design. The trends that are coming to light are unlike any we’ve seen in the past and will help usher your home into a new design era.

Trend: Minimalistic 

Room: Kitchen & Laundry Room

Oakville Kitchen and Bath
Photo: Oakville Kitchen and Bath

Experts at Oakville Kitchen & Bath are noticing a shift in kitchen designs towards a more minimalist style. Clean lines that offer a bold simplicity to the space are becoming more and more popular. This goes hand-in-hand with one of the biggest kitchen design trends designers are seeing which is black stainless steel appliances. Every few years the favourable appliance colour changes and right now standard stainless steel is on its way out to make room for contemporary black stainless steel.

Trend: Mixed Material Cabinets

Room: Kitchen

While minimalistic is the driving force behind kitchen designs this year, this in no way means they feel boring or bland. A number of designers are finding ways to incorporate texture and colour into kitchen designs through the cabinets. Mixed materials and two-tone cabinets add an eclectic vibe to the space while maintaining the simple, modern trend that is so popular.Oakville Kitchen and Bath

Trend: Tech-Free

Room: Living Room

Neo1 Paint and DecorTechnology advancements are certainly not going anywhere, but they might be evacuating the living room. More and more families are returning to more simplistic designs that promote conversation and family-oriented activities that involve little to no technology. Rather than centering the room around a flat screen television, designers are turning windows and fireplaces into the focal points of these rooms.

Trend: Statement Walls

Room: Any

Neo1 Paint and Decor
Photo: Neo1 Paint and Decor

Whether it is a bold, eye-catching colour or an intricate, unique wallpaper design, statement walls are making a splash in 2016. The highly-skilled employees of Neo1 Paint & Décor have encountered more and more homeowners in search of a powerful “wow” factor without a heavy price tag, and this is the perfect way to achieve that. With a variety of high-end brands available, including Benjamin Moore, Neo1 Paint & Décor is the perfect stop to create a dramatic statement wall in your home.

Trend: Barn-Like Floors

Alexanian Carpets
Photo: Alexanian Carpets

Room: Living Room

Alexanian Carpets, a leader in designer flooring, is seeing more and more homes incorporate large, wide, hand-scraped and wire-brushed hardwood into the floors. This type of hardwood has a very farmhouse vibe to it. Grey toned with a low gloss finish is a particularly popular variation of this trend.

Trend: Lifestyle Touches

Room: Bathroom

More and more designers are incorporating elements into bathroom construction and design that make them feel less like a sterile, necessary room and more like a living space. By incorporating decorative shelving, bright colours, chandeliers and perhaps a statement wall, bathrooms become a complimentary space to the rest of your home.

Swiss Interiors
Photo: Swiss Interiors

Trend: Retro Style Furniture

Room: Any

Similar to clothing trends, interior trends can be cyclical. Designs and trends we thought were long gone are making the proverbial come back this year, particularly those from the 70s. The relaxed, free-spirited nature of that era worked its way into people’s clothing and has now integrated its way into their homes and as well. The 70s saw much bolder, more raw design elements that many believe to have been a reflection of the drastically changing political and social landscapes of the time. The highly creative team at Swiss Interiors believes the cyclical return of 70s inspired designs will take over in 2016. The Swiss Interiors showroom is already full of some great pieces reflecting this trend.

Trend: Formal Finish

Swiss Interiors
Photo: Swiss Interiors

Room: Dining Room

For a number of years, the idea of open-concept and shared living spaces was the most popular for homeowners. There was little to no separation created between rooms. Like many other trends we’re seeing this year, dining rooms are taking a trip back in time as well. The return of formal dining room settings is happening in 2016. It goes hand in hand with the tech-less living room trend to promote more conversation and family time.


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