Buffalo Seminary: Discover the Power

“Why all-girls?” This is the question at the forefront of every parent’s mind when considering which private institution should be bestowed the honour and responsibility of providing the path for their daughter’s empowerment and education. Buffalo Seminary is not the genesis of such questions, but rather the answer to such concerns. The venerable Western New York all-girls school has been fostering the success of young women for over 150 years. They don’t just recognize the differences between girls and boys in terms of learning and maturing, they cultivate young women empowered to embrace the challenge and responsibility of those differences with resilience and resolve in this constantly changing world.

Studies that assist in building SEM’s mandate show that “80% of girls’ school students report that they are challenged to achieve their full academic potential compared to 72% of girls at coed independent and 44% at coed public schools.” Such a variance can’t be ignored when choosing where your daughters will indulge and excel in “a culture of achievement, scholarship, leadership, and creativity.” Cohorts of 50 girls promise a unique learning environment in which to excel, and long past final bells and graduation, for friendships and connections to thousands of alumnae around the world, in careers they welcome a SEM sister to pursue. Living in the historic homes next door to the school building on SEM’s cozy campus, girls are supported academically and safe independence is nurtured-preparation for life and for university.

SEM is on the National Register of Historic Places, in the leafy Elmwood Village neighbourhood in the heart of Buffalo, with access to museums, parks, restaurants, and culture which provide the foundation your daughter needs to excel in her journey to academic excellence and independence. Just a short drive from Toronto and the GTA, SEM offers both five- and seven-day boarding options, welcoming girls from all over the United States, Canada, and the world. It’s an international environment in your Southern Ontario backyard. The five-day option takes advantage of everything the Niagara region has to offer its families. Free weekends allow the girls not only to return home but also the opportunity to luxuriate in the splendour of the region – on both sides of the border.

Point of Interest: 

They cultivate young women empowered to embrace the challenge and responsibility of those differences with resilience and resolve in this constantly changing world.

Class Notes: 

1. Five- and seven-day boarding.

2. No uniforms.

3. Girls live with faculty “house directors” in restored historic homes, not impersonal dorms.

4. Evening study hours supervised by faculty allowing participation in every extracurricular club and team without commuting restraints.

5. On the National Register of Historic Places, a neighborhood in the heart of Buffalo with access to cultural and practical amenities.

6. Students practice safe independence, part of the SEM college-prep ethos.

7. Belief in standards but not standardization.

8. Honours and AP classes plus diverse electives including astronomy, computer science, journalism, and women’s literature.

9. Fosters multicultural, global perspective.

10. Small classes facilitate expression, understanding, and tolerance.

Buffalo, NY