Luxury landscaping weaves a kaleidoscope of colour and texture, resulting in personality, style and functionality in your outdoor space. This combination equates to relaxation and sustainability of your backyard oasis.

Luxury landscaping has evolved beyond the traditional placement of beautiful flowers, trees and greenery. This modern approach combines native flowers, grasses, trees and gardens into your beautiful backyard canvas. Landscape designs are low maintenance, environmentally friendly and clutter free. Low maintenance plants, such as perennial plants; peonies, hostas, pachysandra, and various grasses have made a strong comeback. Perennial plants are both beautiful and sustainable. To make room for sustainable plants, remove existing plants and shrubs that do not contribute to the ecological health of the outdoor space. Mulch completes designs. Its natural properties, and the way it feeds the earth, are highly beneficial.

Irrigation systems have become an absolute necessity in luxury landscaping. Using natural resources, a modern system will reuse rain water and is designed for maximum absorption. Reducing the amount of water required to keep the plants fresh and healthy is great for the environment. Prolonging the life and health of your plant material is truly a worthwhile investment.

Creating a sustainable, landscaped backyard often includes a garden that produces an edible product. Spending time in the garden is time well spent for the whole family. Depending on the size of the backyard, choose between growing a variety of herbs or, for bigger spaces, fruits and vegetables. The excitement of eating food nurtured and grown by your family never gets old. In fact, it may become one of the most enjoyable summer activities your family engages in. Children will want to get in on this action as well. Give them their own section of the garden to grow their favourite vegetables. Caring for the planet will bring immense satisfaction to the entire family.

Herbs will grow in any space that is big enough to hold a box. Choose herbs used most often for garnish and flavour, then move on to more daring seeds. The internet has excellent recommendations for choosing and growing edible plants. Some of the more popular choices are those that can be used in multiple recipes such as basil, coriander, thyme and sage.

Contributing to both beauty and sustainability in the landscape is the movement towards native plants. Planting native plants makes great sense. They not only compliment your space, they also help sustain life for insects and small animals. Native plants allow for innovative design as they use out-of-the-box materials such as grasses, shrubs and some flowers native to the land. Using native plants is a huge compliment to Mother Nature as the birds, bees and smaller animals, local to the area, benefit from the ability to pollinate and feed in their natural environment. Once you are committed to including native plants in your landscaping, using a professional landscaper to assemble the various plants, shrubs and trees will provide stunning complimentary combinations. With professional help, the plants work together rather than compete for dominance in the space.

The ultimate goal of professional landscaping is to create a luxurious oasis that compliments your lifestyle, the natural environment and seasonal objectives. Whether mimicking Mother Nature with native plants or growing a garden of shareable foods, the possibilities within the world of luxury landscaping are abundant. With the help of the professionals at Green Thumb Landscaping, be confident that you have created an oasis that provides endless beauty and functionality year round. All you have to do is relax, and enjoy the view.

By Tara MacIntosh