Custom Builders With a Difference – By Tara MacIntosh

Mazenga Building Group Ltd. was formed out of a need to offer building services with the utmost attention to detail. The founding members saw a lack of commitment to detail in the building market and set out to close that gap.

Mazenga Building Group assembled a stellar team composed of extremely talented and highly-driven construction professionals including project managers, site supervisors, project coordinators, and estimators. As a team, they believe in an impeccable level of attention to both the project, and the client, for any build they are involved in. The collective group has over 60 years combined experience in the industry and they take great pride in ensuring each client is completely satisfied with their work. This approach has served the company very well and has allowed them to expand and grow creating their own highly recognizable brand of custom homes, commercial spaces and contemporary urban dwellings.

How does Mazenga Building Group Ltd. differentiate itself in this seemingly saturated market? The main differentiator is the time and effort they have put into the development of their process. They have developed a sophisticated system of checks and balances that is unique in the industry. Their process allows for complete transparency with the creation of 3 unique tools they have developed to ensure that their client needs and wants are addressed, schedule and budget is met, and proactive communication throughout the duration of their projects.

The first tools is the Statement of Success. Each client has a unique view on what defines success and Mazenga Building Group is dedicated to ensuring their clients are completely satisfied with their personal measure of success and expectation. Defining this is the only way, according to Mazenga, to guarantee client satisfaction. Once the success factors are identified for each individual project, the Statement of Success will be drawn up to reflect those values. The goal of each project is to deliver on those values to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The second is the Tender Selection Checklist. This document outlines a complete work-back schedule to show how each step of the building process affects the next and identify time lines of when subcontracts are to be awarded to ensure schedule adherence. The main purpose of this checklist is to outline each step for accountability when it comes to both time and budget. The clients will also garner from this list what their responsibilities are in the process such as deadlines for tile selection, flooring or paint colours.

The third tool is Mazenga’s biweekly progress report. This report will show any changes or delays to ensure clients are always in the know and also serves as a reminder if there are responsibilities the client or consultants must fulfill.

Their highly-developed process promotes team collaboration and therefore, the most favourable condition for maximum success.

Speaking with Damian Briggs, Director of Construction with Mazenga Oakville, he makes it clear that with the experience and reputation of the entire Management Team, they have been able to form strong relationships in the industry. Mazenga Building Group, being an implementation arm of the process, works very closely with the design arm, namely the architect on the project, to ensure the utmost in quality. If any issues arise during the building phase, going back to the drawing is the only way to find the solution. Damian explains, “We demonstrate to the architects that we can build their buildings, follow their drawings and service their clients.” This important step allows the group to bid and work on projects with renowned architects such as Gren Weis and Bill Hicks.

Mazenga is not only dedicated to providing outstanding construction and project management services. They have been in the industry long enough to recognize that ongoing care and maintenance of a building is essential to its preservation and operation.  Similar to a car, building is composed on systems and components that keep it functioning which need to be maintained regularly for its preservation and to minimize unforeseen expenditures. As the builder, Mazenga knows their project inside and out which is why their clients feel comfortable with having them perform any additional service work they may require after the completion of their project.

With excitement in his voice Damian reveals the reasons he loves this business, “We get to breathe rarified air working on some spectacular projects and the atmosphere is never dull. Every day in this business is a very exciting day. The creativity of the architects, and the people involved in the building process, come together to create exceptional out-of-the-box design.” There is a sense that it is a true privilege to watch grand plans come to life.    

Mazenga Building Group has its base in downtown Toronto. In January 2016, the Mazenga Oakville division was established to serve clients west of the GTA. Mazenga also has a North division servicing Cottage Country and a Commercial division specializing in high end retail and office spaces. This talented team of builders are definitely ones to watch in 2017. Visit for more information.