Celebrating Thirty Years of Contemporary European Furniture and Design
– By Michelle Bogle

For Toronto’s Simone family, interior design is in their blood. It’s a family legacy that dates back to May of 1986, when husband and wife duo, Angelo and Ginette Simone, set to open the doors of Martin Daniel Interiors and become one of the city’s most well-known furniture retailers, specializing in Italian imports.

But this wasn’t the couple’s first foray into European furnishings and design. Angelo, a native of Italy, was already an expert in imports, having worked for another prominent Toronto furniture company for a number of years. His wife, Ginette, originally from a small town in Quebec, was also well-established in the home décor industry, specializing in boutique merchandising for a variety of stores across Toronto. Meshing their talents and passion for curating the finest handmade furnishings from Europe was a given – and, as such, Martin Daniel Interiors was born.

Three decades later, as the company celebrates their highly anticipated thirtieth anniversary, Martin Daniel Interiors remains family owned and operated by Angelo, Ginette and their two grown children, Valerie and Martin Simone. Together, they continue to provide their clients with the best of both worlds, fusing the intimacy and care of a small, independent boutique with a diverse range of exclusive international contemporary décor from some of Europe’s finest artisans and manufacturers.

And, it’s this exclusivity of their products that sets their showroom apart from other furniture retailers across the city. “We do pride ourselves on being 90% made in Europe,” says Valerie Simone, Design & Marketing Consultant for Martin Daniel Interiors. “Over the years, my parents Angelo and Ginette have made some great relationships with some of Europe’s most elite suppliers. As such, they work with us to create exclusive products that cater specifically to the industry here in North America, so that our clientele can enjoy the best of fine European design at home.”

With a focus on contemporary furniture and accessories, Martin Daniel Interiors largely sources its exclusive range of products from Italy, as well as other countries, such as Spain, France and Germany. The buying team, headed up by Angelo himself, frequently travels across the European Union to attend furniture shows in search of fresh and innovative designs that add originality and novelty to any space in the home. Their curated collection is known for their unique finishes and fashion-forward clean lines, with many pieces featuring the natural warmth of exotic woods, high-gloss lacquered finishes and metal accents.

But, more importantly, Angelo and his buyers also seek out furnishings that offer longevity. “Quality is what we look for when buying new product for our showroom. The furniture that we sell has to stand the test of time,” says Valerie. “It’s not a temporary product for most of our customers, so we pay close attention to the finishes, hardware and durability of fabrics.”

It’s care and attention to detail like this that has helped the Simone family earn a loyal following over the last thirty years – clients continue to return to Martin Daniel Interiors to furnish and design the most intimate spaces in their homes. “It gives our customers confidence to buy from us because they know we stand behind our products and that we are not going anywhere,” adds Valerie.

Along with their remarkable selection of exclusive furnishings and a commitment to providing the latest trends, the Simone family also offers their clients insightful in-home consultations with experienced interior designers. Working together on a room-by-room basis, the goal of this service is to not only select furnishings from Martin Daniel Interiors’
vast collection of European-made pieces, but to also facilitate space planning and colour palette selection as well. According to Valerie, “We are creating the room for you; not just selling furniture.”

Over their thirty years, the Simone family has had the privilege of dressing some of Southern Ontario’s most affluent homes – and internationally too. In fact, many of their Toronto area clientele select Martin Daniel Interiors to furnish their second residences in far-off destinations, including the Caribbean, the Middle East and the United States, especially Arizona, Las Vegas and Florida.

“Just last year, I designed a full home in Russia without even stepping foot into it,” says Valerie. “We take care of everything for our international customers – from design and product selection to logistics and shipping. This is something that has always been part of the Martin Daniel way of business – and we continue on with it.”

And, speaking of continuing on, the Simone family has no plans of slowing down, including Angelo and Ginette. Even if they so reluctantly did, Valerie and her brother are committed to continuing their parents’ vision for Martin Daniel Interiors, while also moving forward
with whatever the industry presents itself with. Valerie notes that they will continue
to do research, attend shows all over Europe and source different trends and looks. But, with certainty, Valerie and Martin will continue to specialize in European furniture, just as their parents did thirty wonderful years ago.

“It’s what we know,” says Valerie and, without a doubt, it’s how Martin Daniel Interiors has established itself as a world-renowned design destination for the finest European furnishings, right here in Toronto.

To stay up-to-date on the latest European design trends,
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