A Dream Built from the Wilderness

It’s a picturesque setting: a tranquil lake view, rippled by the excitement of inner tubers riding the wakes of speedboats.

There are brief moments where the ring lists into the water and an unbalanced body is flung like a ragdoll into the Muskoka lake.

As they surface, the ripples have reached the shore and the placidness of the lake returns.

The water laps the shores, and perhaps, just maybe, there is a loon releasing its mournful call into the world.

It’s a surreal image that helps shed the tension of the city — or even the bedroom communities around Toronto.

These can be childhood memories, or just memories being created as families head north.

And for those looking to design their dream homes in such a serene setting can look to Lischkoff Build.

They’ll take any idea and run with it, often importing design items to the job site like exterior siding from British Columbia, or that special couch only found within the hidden confines of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

And they take into consideration the current trends of energy efficiency and environmental impact, given the nature of Muskoka’s lakes.

Given the lot size, they’ll run with a full post-and-beam design, replete with a modern flat roof, and keep the boreal forest intact around the lakefront property.

Size, style and budget are key factors in working with the design. Every step of the process, from design to build, is customized, says partner Sam Hisey.

“There aren’t a lot of true custom home builders out there, but we are definitely customer focused,” he says. “We’ll let you choose anything.”

From genesis, the design concept will focus on the overall style, function and feel of the project. Full architectural details are preserved in the drawings, floorplans and three-dimensional renderings.

Much like the loon knows all the good fishing spots on the lake, Lischkoff knows about the red-tape of local building regulations and they’ll budget accordingly.

The construction team, helmed by Jim Lischkoff, is rife with committed tradespeople who will adapt to the environment given. That also means future projects in Toronto’s High Park neighbourhood and Oakville.

“We do a lot of development on waterfronts and our designs are designed to make minimal impact on the water,” he says.

There is a team lead that deals with the ground-up build, and then another who will handle all the furniture, drapery, lighting and decor elements.

So, once the project is done, and the chance to listen to the quivering call of the loon, at dusk, has presented itself, clients can enjoy the natural beauty around them, all while basking in the glow of a design made by them.

By Brian Baker