Leave the Landscape Maintenance
to the Professionals

By Mike Spry

Green Thumb Landscaping Red FlowersFor those of us blessed with beautiful properties, maintaining it is not a simple endeavour of allowing the snow to melt and the tulips to bloom – it’s a 365-day-a-year obligation. Proud to share visual representations of our accomplishments, the brilliance of our green space and our responsibility for our properties’ stateliness requires specialized expertise. We are in the age of staging, and if the first bite of a meal is with the eye, then the impression of our homesteads is the pastoral lush of our private pastures.

Yours is not your mother’s garden. 

Unless, of course, your mother is Kathy Thomas –President of Green Thumb Landscaping, one of Southern Ontario’s preeminent landscaping companies, expertly servicing Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and its surrounding areas since 1971. Green Thumb is well known for its unbridled passion for all things green, and champions the peerless expertise, care, and attentiveness that your property demands. Green Thumb isn’t your gardener; they’re your garden’s caretaker.

Thomas stresses that property maintenance isn’t seasonal, nor should it be left to inexpert green thumbs. “Many of our clients have invested significantly in their gardens. They strive to enjoy the calm, private, and well cared for sanctuary they have worked hard for. At Green Thumb, our clients’ goal is in our DNA. It’s in our culture and it’s evident in the way every member of our team interacts with the properties they look after”.

When “selecting a company that knows plant material, knows the process, understands the client, it becomes a lot more complicated than just coming in to cut the grass and pulling a few weeds.” Not just anyone can cut the grass and, more importantly, not just everyone should cut the grass. The era of throwing a few dollars to the neighbour’s kid to make a quick mess of you lawn is over.

Green Thumb Landscaping Pool“Much is involved in properly cutting the lawn not just for appearance (which is obviously very important) but for it’s health,” as well.

Green Thumb, as with the most professional and accomplished of landscaping companies, is seen by its clients as a sort of “concierge for your garden.” And as with any experienced landscaper you entrust with your property, they offer a full menu of services, from full property maintenance, outdoor staging, seasonal cleanups, outdoor furniture and accessories, all garden, trees and shrubs needs, entrance and driveway manicures… anything you and your property can need or imagine.

Southern Ontario provides unique challenges of our Canadian weather. “We came through the craziest spring I’ve been through in memory,” says Thomas. “And I’ve been in business for 47 years!” Snow and ice in mid-April followed by a horrendous May wind storm, the Green Thumb Team adapted to the challenges as they always do. Adapting their processes and plans accordingly while maintaining a rigid schedule is no easy feat but something an experienced team manages well. No lawn, no property is ignored. Environment Canada warns Ontarians are in for a very hot, dry summer. And just as they did this spring, the Green Thumb crew will adapt: plants requiring less watering, adjusted trimmings, and more.

Green Thumb Landscaping LawnEnvironmental consciousness and concerns are more present than ever in clients’ needs.

Thomas notes that pesticides haven’t been used in Ontario for over a decade, and to competently and safely maintain a property requires a professional touch; you can’t just spray “Killex and get rid of all the dandelions [or simply give the garden] a good dose of fertilizer and everything will just pop out of the ground.” Green Thumb is proudly diligent in making sure that their practices are responsible, like employing aeration techniques and organic fertilizers.

A landscaper used to be a luxury. But no more. Professional property maintenance and planning is essential for all homes and gardens. What we can plant, what we can build, and how we craft our dreams have increased exponentially and only the best in the industry have the ability to adapt and attend to that evolution.

Landscaping isn’t simply about maintenance of a snapshot of our life. It’s about perpetuating the vision you have for your home and your life. When it’s time to move on to your next dream, the importance of a professionally maintained property cannot be understated.

Simply put, “a well-maintained property and a well-landscaped property will increase the value of your sale—a poorly maintained property will decrease it.”

Green Thumb Landscaping GardenIt’s important to remember that no matter how green you may imagine your thumb, it’s always best to get help from those whose thumbs have been green long before your lawn was. Plus, what better way to enjoy a Southern Ontario summer than having some friends over, firing up the barbecue, cooling down the beer, chilling the chardonnay, and resting in the perfect splendour of a professionally maintained property, one that leaves you the time and space to do what you really want with your home: Enjoy it with those you love.

5 Tips from an Expert

  1. A horticulture expert will know how to properly care for your landscape. Plants, trees, flowers are living organisms. Just like us, they need nutrition and hydration to survive and thrive.

  2. Knowledge in the landscape does not cost. It pays. The cost of replacing plant material that has not been properly cared for, far outweighs the cost of maintaining it properly.

  3. A well maintained property significantly increases the value of your property; a poorly maintained property significantly decreases the value and adds to the length of time it is on the market for resale.

  4. Mulch is one of your best friends in the garden. Retains moisture and inhibits weed growth. A 2”-3” base is recommended.

  5. Amend your soil every few years to give your plants a well needed boost.

    Green Thumb Landscaping LogoKathy Thomas, President – Green Thumb Landscaping