What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

By Mike Spry

Our digital reality means that we absorb a near constant flow of imagery. Whether perusing Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Houzz, it’s difficult to ignore our visual feeds of fancy. And on television, entire networks are built around the spectacle of personal and home improvement, and how the two inescapably intersect. While some wish to avoid the bright lights and bombast of home renovations and exquisite style, most of us lean towards its majesty. We imagine these beautiful, unique, and ambitious spaces as our own. We aspire to the dream.

But what does your dream home look like?

Georgian Renovations has been making homeowners’ imaginations come alive for decades. Southern Ontario’s preeminent design and renovation team “is equipped with brilliant designers, construction experts, skilled, licensed contractors, and top-notch fabricators who will create stunning, functional spaces built to the highest standards.” But they’re not happy, nor would their clientele be, with resting on their laurels. Georgian Renovations pride themselves on being on the cutting edge not just of style, but imagination. Their new Castlefield Design Showroom is the realization of their dreams and the avenue to the realization of yours.   

“We didn’t want to simply create a beautiful showroom to give our clients a sense of our work,” says Gene Maida of Georgian Renovations, “we dreamed up a Design Store where both clients and design lovers could visit us and immerse themselves in beauty, to feel inspired by the space, and admire the quality and craftsmanship behind our products and their construction.”

Imagine being able to pour yourself a glass of water in your new kitchen before construction even begins. Consider the possibilities of lounging in your dream living room before a drop sheet is placed, or a pint of paint purchased. Rest your head on your pillow in the bedroom of your fantasy, before the fantasy even begins. This is the reality of the Castlefield Design Showroom: A living, breathing Pinterest journey, a dance through a waking Instagram, a chance to star in your own renovation series episode. 

This is the next step in home renovations. A brick and mortar showroom in the spirit of an art gallery. Hand in hand with Georgian’s industry-leading digital acumen, this is a unique experience and one that will certainly change the way we indulge in our redesign dreams. The showroom experience is accompanied by a design consultation about trends and possibilities, as well as an in-home visit to complete the planning process.

Georgian Castlefield Design Showroom is the divine intersection of the modern age and decades of commitment to helping clients realize their dream homes—not by moving, but rather by reimagining. Sometimes, in this age of aesthetic, we worry that our dreams are just that; flights of fancy that exist only in sleep and whimsy. But in Georgian’s revolutionary renovation showroom, we can experience that dream while awake.