These days, it seems like every product has a shelf life. Nowhere is this more true than with our homes where paint seems to chip just weeks after the drop cloths have been folded up, the deck always needs re-staining, and the driveway has to be paved yet again. And is there a job more tasking than re-roofing, especially when its signalled by an unexpected (and expensive) leak? Enviroshake defies the norms of property maintenance, offering “composite roofing products that are designed to authentically replicate the look of natural weathered cedar roofing materials.” And it’s guaranteed for life from an environmentally responsible and community-oriented Ontario company.

About a decade ago, during a tumultuous August storm, part of our roof peeled away. When the clouds finally cleared it became apparent that we needed new shingling. Following a shocking round of estimates, we had no choice but to commit to the expense or live with a permanent open skylight. Unfortunately, the roof has never been to our satisfaction.Enviroshake

The shakes and shingles quickly aged, their aesthetic left us wanting, and with each passing year of unpredictable weather, we fear another expensive and unsatisfying roofing indulgence. And once you’ve done work on your roof, you’d be amazed how many conversations with friends and family veer tangentially into shake and shingle nightmares. Stories of mold, animal and insect infestation, and endless expenses permeate any discussion of cedar and other materials. Finally, after a lot of headaches and research, we’ve found our next roof.

Enviroshake is an award-winning Chatham, Ontario-based company that has been making composite roofing and siding designed to match the aesthetic of cedar and slate for nearly two decades. Enviroshake products offer the appeal of natural materials without the frustrating fallibility, and they’re 100% maintenance free and come with a lifetime warranty, which may be transferred if you sell or will your property, immediately adding aesthetic and financial value to your home. Enviroshake’s global reputation is second to none. If you’re looking to invest or have already invested in international property, Enviroshake is available in Canada, the United States, South East Asia, and the Caribbean—one of their fastest growing markets. 

Of course, extreme weather is not unique to any part of the world. When we researched further we found testimonials from all over preaching the virtues of this environmentally friendly products. A customer in Calgary, Alberta who invested in Enviroshake witnessed a violent July storm that resulted in 60,000 insurance claims totaling over $400 million; a record amount for a hailstorm in Canada, according to the National Insurance Bureau. Judi Lee celebrated the fact her family had, “replaced our roof with Enviroshake and a few weeks later there was a massive hailstorm that caused almost every other house to have hail damage on their roof and required insurance claims. Our Enviroshake withstood that and looks great still.” Enviroshake had zero warranty claims. Enviroshake

Stories like this were everywhere. Lorenz Lasco, a property manager in the Philippines said, “We didn’t need to touch […] the installation after the typhoon.” Gilles Parisot, owner of Expert Roof in St-Martin claims, “the jobs we did in Anguilla with Enviroshake didn’t move with hurricane Gonzalo, where wind speeds exceeded 200 km/h (124 MPH).” But customers don’t just preach about the products durability, they love its aesthetic and environmental consciousness. Kathy Heller of Colleyville, Texas says, “People driving by have stopped and asked me the name of the material.”

But the customer whose opinion sold us was Rollie Lusis from Calgary, who celebrated everything we were missing in our other options:

We chose Enviroshake based on the architects recommendation and its appeal to us. We also considered cedar again, slate tiles, concrete tiles, metal, and some other synthetic types. [It] gave us a clean, light look as opposed to concrete. Cedar was ruled out for durability, warranty, and issues with moss growing on the shakes due to the humidity we live with at the lake […] we are very happy, the Enviroshake is graying nicely, and I think it looks great with the copper flashing we put with it. Having just undergone some hail damage here in Calgary, I am planning on replacing my 30 year old cedar shake roof with Enviroshake, hopefully this fall.”

Simply put, Enviroshake is everything my family wants in its investments: a community-oriented and environmentally conscious company who stand behind beautifully designed products for life. As soon as Enviroshake products are installed, we will encourage bad weather, and know that our home and our family are forever protected.

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