Modern Homes AND Landscape Design Collaboration

Being able to create a consistent look from the moment you step onto the property, through to the backyard space, is what inspired a collaboration between Stuart Riley Bespoke Builder and Cedar Springs Landscape Group. Both companies bring many years of experience, recognition and accolades from within their respective industries to this approach.

Adrian Bartels, Owner of Cedar Springs Landscape Group comments, “For continuity, we will use the same materials in the Landscape design as the exterior finishes on the house. The goal is to create a seamless look and feel, from the curb to the edge of the backyard.” As a team, each partner brings an immense passion for what they do to the project resulting in a stunning and successful finished product.

Providing the utmost in quality and the very best value is Riley’s mission and promise to his clients. Riley’s business partner David Prince remarks, “It takes a team of over 50 different companies, suppliers and trades to build a modern home. It’s quite amazing observing Stuart orchestrate and coordinate with each trade in sequence to keep the projects on schedule. Creating value should be a key goal of a general contractor, in our case, we receive from 10%-30% discounts on everything from appliances, fireplaces, flooring, plumbing and lighting fixtures, TV’s, media, blinds, etc. We provide full disclosure of our pricing and pass these discounts on to the homeowners. We always strive to provide the very best quality at the best possible cost.”

The team is so passionate about providing the best quality that they have made the 4034 Lakeshore Road property available for viewing to perspective clients during its final phase of construction. This space is for clients to visit and see first hand what a modern home design looks like, as well as experience a fully integrated outdoor space. Outdoor living has become as important as indoor living to be able to take advantage of the warm weather for as long as possible. Creating an outdoor living experience that is functional, comfortable and luxurious completes the expectations of a modern lifestyle and makes home your favourite destination.

Creating a beautiful modern space that opens up to a backyard oasis is what this dream partnership is able to provide for their clients. David invites you to call him at 905-252-4380 to arrange a visit to the property and be simply swept away.

Q & A


“I love the process. It is quite an art form to see how a modern home is constructed from design phase through to completion.”


“Bringing both elements together at the design stage allows for the integration of materials to ensure perfect harmony of the entire project.”