Success In The Details

Mazenga Building Group Ltd. is known for providing an impeccable level of attention to both the project, and the client, for any build they become involved in. This successful team, who build residential homes, corporate spaces and family cottages, create beautiful structures with a focus on the details at every step in the building process.

To create the perfect build, Mazenga Building Group has made a promise to their clients to involve them at every stage. They invite their clients to engage in a transparent and sophisticated system, that they have developed themselves, to be able to deliver a superior product. The process involves three important steps. The first step is for the team to sit with the client to understand their definition of success and their overall vision. Together they create the plans for their dream home, office or cottage. To guarantee satisfaction, a statement of success is created ensuring the end product reflects the values and measure of success that are important to the client. The second step involves drafting a detailed work-back schedule to outline the timelines that will keep the project on track. The third and final step is to establish a weekly check-in schedule to share the progress or challenges that may occur. This rock solid system has been instrumental in elevating the customer experience.

Mark Kubista, Partner and Damian Briggs, Director of Construction, share how Mazenga Building Group has been able to secure long-lasting relationships in the industry; “We demonstrate to the architects and additional building partners that we can build their buildings, follow their instructions and service their clients. This has made all the difference.” The trusting relationships they have formed with their partners ensure their projects run smoothly. Any setbacks that occur are resolved quickly with solutions that match the statement of success.

The entire Mazenga team feel very privileged to be able to work in this industry and to create such beautiful buildings. Watching a vision take shape and turn into a fully functioning space is quite magical. Whether the build is a corporate space, a residential home or a family cottage, aligning with Mazenga Building Group Ltd. is aligning with excellence.

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Each client has a unique view on what defines success and we are dedicated to ensuring each client is completely satisfied with their personal measure of success and expectation.


Every day in this business is a very exciting day. We get to work on spectacular projects and the atmosphere is never dull. The creativity of the architects, and the people involved in the building process come together to create exceptional out of the box design.