Design and Wellness Working Together

Oakville based HummingbirdHill Homes + Construction builds prestigious custom homes that are thoughtfully designed and gracefully finished, while incorporating the latest in sustainability and health and well-being benefits for their clients. Often referred to as a “next generation” builder, HummingbirdHill Homes believes that a luxury custom home is more than just beautiful kitchens and hardwood floors, it is about profoundly engaging all five of the human senses.

When you enter one of their homes, you immediately sense the difference. Aaron Miller of HummingbirdHill Homes remarks, “We recognize that our clients raise their families in the homes we build which also becomes the backdrop to many of life’s most important and memorable moments. Therefore, we aim to work with the best architects and designers in the area, who create truly compelling designs and finishes complemented by construction techniques that offer better indoor air quality, acoustical privacy, natural light and materials, and thermal comfort. Luxury and healthy are two words that truly come to life with HummingbirdHill Homes.”

A widely held misconception is that building a ‘higher performing’ home, with an eye to maximizing your family’s health and well-being, adds significant costs. This is simply not true when you are proactive at the design stage.

According to Aaron Miller, “Commercial construction is actually light years ahead of us in this field. The data clearly shows a direct ROI based on various employee health and wellness benefits that help the bottom line. Yet the same benefits are available for your family with some simple informed decisions at the onset.”

As a judge for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association National Awards
for Housing Excellence, HummingbirdHill Homes understands the importance of delivering both an exceptional product and customer experience from beginning to end. A sign on their wall reads, ‘Our expectation is to exceed yours’, combined with an effective client communication strategy built on the company values of transparency, honesty, and respect.

HummingbirdHill Homes + Construction has emerged as a leader in their field as they blaze the trail towards luxury living that is healthy and responsible.

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We are a certified Passive House builder, which is arguably the most advanced and arduous building science platform available today to produce a better
built custom luxury home.


The smiles on our clients’ faces every time we see them after they have moved in. Every homeowner becomes part of the HummingbirdHill family.