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Watch as Bryan and Sarah Baeumler take on their latest challenge in their newest HGTV Series – By Erica Nelson

Bryan & Sarah BaeumlerWhat began as a marketing pitch from Bryan to HGTV to provide construction services in exchange for advertising during the network’s other shows, opened the door for his own series; Disaster DIY originally aired on HGTV in January of 2007. It was two years later in 2009 when his wife, Sarah Baeumler, joined him in the spotlight. The two started filming the popular series House of Bryan.

“To be honest, neither of us went into the public eye knowing what could transpire. Displaying our family life on TV for the world to see was something we were hesitant to do at first because we were unsure of the  consequences it would have on our personal lives and relationship,” Bryan explains.

House of Bryan told the story of the Baeumlers building their own custom home. It gave viewers a real inside look at what it takes to build a family home together as a team, and helped Bryan and Sarah realize that they work extremely well together, complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“I’m glad we made the decision we did, as we’ve both learned a lot about ourselves and each other; it has certainly made us stronger as a team,” Bryan says.


One of the more difficult parts of being well-known television personalities has been finding the necessary work/life balance. To say that Bryan and Sarah’s schedules are hectic would be an understatement. The two are currently filming two different shows for HGTV with a third beginning in just a few weeks. On top of that, this dynamic duo own and operate Baeumler Quality Construction, Baeumler Custom Cabinetry, Baeumler  Approved and the Baeumler Family Foundation. Add to the equation their biggest  priority, their children—things can get chaotic!

“As the kids get older, they too have busier schedules with school and their extracurricular activities. Our kids live a normal life as any other child would, and  we will always be mummy and daddy to them. At the end of the day, our children know that they are at the heart of everything we do,” Bryan shares. He went on to explain how beneficial moving to the country has been for them as a family. It has  allowed both Bryan and Sarah to create some distance between their work and home life. And while it may look like they have it all together, they are quick to admit that a true work/ life balance may never be fully realized.

Bryan & Sarah“We take it day by day. Communicating with one another and being realistic about what we can achieve in one day are important things to remember. Asking for help is another thing that  we have both learned to do. Capitalizing on family time when we have it and making sure we are both fully invested and enjoying the time we have with our kids is something we make a priority in both our lives,” says Bryan.

While the Baeumler lifestyle can get overwhelming, it has had some tremendous benefits that both Sarah and Bryan are incredibly grateful for. “Each of these experiences has allowed us to meet so many wonderful people, from our film crew, who are now like family to us, to the people we meet on the set of Leave it to Bryan, we are grateful to know every one of them,” Bryan explains. The couple also speaks at a number of different home shows and charitable events and love that they have been given so many opportunities throughout both of their careers.


On Sunday, September 25th the Baeumlers will begin a new chapter as their newest show premieres on HGTV Canada. Bryan Inc. will give viewers an inside look at the Baeumler
Quality Construction business and follow Bryan and Sarah as they buy, renovate and sell homes. In this series, Sarah will be taking on a new role as Project Manager for the business.

“I have spent years working in our office, managing the marketing, financial and design aspects of our company. I love this part of my job and I’m good at it, but I thought I was ready for a change and to learn something new. Expanding my knowledge of the construction industry by being on site with Bryan and the crew was a natural progression for me and my career,” Sarah shares.

The talented couple overcomes some significant challenges throughout the series and viewers will be able to watch the power struggle between Bryan and Sarah as they attempt to compromise on every detail of a project. From property location, to hardwood floors and backsplash in the kitchen—these two work together to create some beautiful final results. “Like any renovation team, we have our good days and our bad days, but in the end I have convinced Bryan that having your wife at work with you every day isn’t all bad after all!” says Sarah. Tune in Sunday September 25th at 10 p.m. to watch these two take on the next chapter of their business and their relationship.

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