With every New Year celebration, we experience the joy of renewing our commitment to our passions, our dreams and our stories. This year, as we prepare our goals for the coming months, don’t forget to include the ultimate gift – the gift of time spent with loved ones. Spending time with family is something that cannot be held onto, stretched or bought, thus making it, perhaps, the most precious gift we have to offer.

As the winter months settle in, sitting around a burning fire enjoying the company of loved ones can resemble a dream. The fire is crackling, the warmth is inviting and our thoughts revolve around getting lost in these moments forever. Searching out ways to add leisure into our schedules can be a daunting task with the demands of modern life, therefore seeking solutions may include extending a hand to professionals who take care of our needs.


The amount of time it takes to create and prepare nutritious homemade dishes, full of flavour and local goodness, can result in our commitment diminishing as the weeks roll by. To alleviate the pressure of planning, preparing, cooking and packaging homecooked meals a Private Chef, such as Chef Pamela Anderson Khan from Cheferential Treatment, will take on the task. By welcoming Chef Pamela Anderson Khan into our homes, there will be plenty of opportunity to enjoy a scrumptious home-cooked meal filling families with nutritious tasty foods. With meal preparation taken care of, we are free to recharge our souls with conversation and connection as we gather to eat. If the process of grocery shopping and cooking is too time consuming to take on, a Private Chef is the solution. Chef Pamela remarks, “I love the whole process from selecting the groceries to packaging the food. I feel great when I leave a home with a fridge full of delicious food.”


As the dream turns into reality, the process of bringing a design to life can become an all-consuming task. Managing the building process, and all that accompanies it, often develops into a daily commitment. To alleviate the frustration and time away from home, welcome a Designer into the building process. A Designer will manage and alter the design details that make all the difference upon completion of the home. Designer Rutnaish Prihar of RP Design will discover design flaws at the planning stages and rearrange the essential details so the phrase, “I wish the window was facing the view instead of the neighbour’s house” will never be uttered. All of the seemingly small details, like the position of the fridge, the size of the powder room door, the shape and placement of the wine rack and the position of the soaker tub will make the difference between a great and an exceptional design. Rutnaish works with the Architects to perfect the details of the home resulting in luxury and functionality. She remarks, “Seeing the design vision come to life at the end of the project is so rewarding. It is a magical moment.”

As days and weeks pass, the more moments spent with family and friends the richer our lives become. Engaging with professionals to do what they do best allows precious family time to remain a priority. This year, take back everyday moments where memories are made. With the new year taking shape, reflect on what it is that will define accomplishment and satisfaction in 2019. Identify where expert help will simplify your world and reflect on how prioritizing tasks will benefit a luxurious lifestyle. You deserve the best – reach out and grasp it.

About Chef Pamela Anderson Khan:
Nourish Your Body And Soul

Pamela Anderson Khan began her professional career in the corporate world, only to realize after a time that she was far from fulfilled. Day to day, she was also surprised by the number of people she encountered that simply did not eat well, relying heavily on nutritionally-void convenience foods as a main staple of their diets. This modern “normal” was far from her personal experience. Pamela discovered her love for food and cooking as a child by watching and learning from her mother who always prepared delicious, homemade meals from scratch. After some reflection, she knew that she wanted to follow her passion and nourish people, body and soul, and bring back the experience of enjoying wholesome meals, prepared and enjoyed at home on a regular basis.

Decision made, Pamela completed her professional training in Culinary Arts at Liaison College and launched Cheferential Treatment Private Chef Service offering fully customized menus and made-in-home meal service to the luxury market. Each personalized menu is specific to her clients’ expressed preferences, whether that may be the highest grade of beef, 100% organic, comforting family favourites or special health and dietary requirements. Chef Pamela takes the time to learn her clients’ likes and lifestyle, thus providing optimal menus for each regular service – often exceeding expectations.

Owning and operating Cheferential Treatment entirely solo allows personal touches to be incorporated into this unique luxury lifestyle service. Known for preparing original dishes that include her client’s favourite flavours, Chef Pamela never repeats a recipe unless specifically requested. Her goal is to create seasonal dishes, using local ingredients, that delight and elevate the senses. Providing customized menus on an ongoing basis ensures clients are experiencing a well-balanced diet featuring unforgettable homemade dishes.

For modern families and busy professionals who regularly enjoy the luxury of personalized services, once you experience the benefits of a private chef, there is no turning back. On the day of service, fresh from the grocery store and armed with her professional tools, Chef Pamela visits her client’s home to prepare the approved menu in their own kitchen. The number one priority is to leave behind a fridge fully stocked with irresistible meal options ready and waiting to be savoured.

Chef Pamela has been instrumental in her clients’ rediscovering the mouth-watering taste and comfort of a home-cooked meal. She continues to explore her love of cooking by developing new recipes that feed the body and soul, and is thrilled that, after 10 years, Cheferential Treatment’s homemade culinary creations continue to delight her elite clientele.

About Rutnaish Prihar:
Style With Purpose

Rutnaish Prihar has a unique ability when it comes to the art of design. She developed her skills while working on personal projects prior to taking the leap into the field full time. Rutnaish first pursued a robust and successful career in accounting before taking time off to have her children. As her family grew, they built three homes of their own. Each time, Rutnaish would work with the architects to redesign personal details that were important to the functionality and comfort of her family’s lifestyle needs. Through this hands on process, she acquired an incredible ability to know how small changes would increase functionality and efficiencies in a home. When it was time for her to go back to work, she decided to follow her passion, thus beginning her new career as a designer.

Over the past couple of years, she has continued to work with architects to develop her unique talents for home design. She realized that she has the ability to look at the blueprint of a home and visualize how design alterations would enhance the living space. The differentiating factor, when it comes to Rutnaish’s incredible design eye, is the ability to see what would work best for both design and practicality purposes. She is undeniably talented in making unused space usable, beautiful and functional. Working with architects and home builders, she creates one-of-a-kind living spaces for her clients.

Her process is seemingly simple – she will take the drawings from the architect, and live in them. She will surround herself with the virtual walls of a new construction to absorb and visualize the details of the home. She will then infuse the personality of her client into the design to ensure maximum utility and flow. She comments, “A home should be beautiful and luxurious, yet functional and livable.” She is the master at achieving both. Her preference is to work on the whole home from the drawing stage to completion. It is more efficient and cost effective to alter interior design before the walls are built and, therefore, her maximum impact to a project is to be part of the process from the very beginning. The design flaws she reworks will impact the lives of the homeowners, including rooms and features that are important for day-to-day living. Creating custom and functional designs is what makes Rutnaish’s heart sing.

Her passion is building modern homes as she feels there is a need for the sleek and clean look of a modern design. There is more to modern home interior design than meets the eye. What excites Rutnaish about modern design is the intricate attention to detail required. She comments, “There is little room for error as there is nowhere to hide any flaws, and this attention to detail is what clean and modern lines are all about.” Seeing one of her designs come to life is her ultimate reward.