A Simple Breeze

Landmark Kitchens not only wants to design you a beautiful kitchen but a functional and life lasting kitchen as well. With 15 years of design and craftsmanship experience, Landmark Kitchens works on a one-on-one basis to ensure that they create the kitchen of their client’s dream. This month they’re showcasing Simple Breeze kitchen. Simple Breeze kitchen is designed to last the test of time. Landmark Kitchens uses modern state-of-the-art technology but stays true to its roots with artisanship of their craftsmanship, promising truly unique kitchens that endure the test of time.

This month they’re showcasing the “Simple Breeze” kitchen, which falls under the contemporary category. This beautiful kitchen is an all white kitchen, with a cream/off-white backsplash. This colour scheme allows the space to look and feel larger than it actually is. The different shades of whites makes the space feel lighter as well, because of the light bouncing off the cabinetry. “Simple Breeze” is designed with a traditional shaker door profile, which is hand sprayed a custom white on a clean and simple door profile. The corbels under the island, crown moldings, and the curved hood canopy gives the space an elegant and sophisticated look without screaming at you “I’m traditional”. Modern furnishings, chrome fixtures and stainless steel appliances complete the kitchen, and help bring out those modern touches. This space is equipped with many hidden features which include; a hidden kick stool, magic corner, spice racks, garbage pail sliders, etc. These features not only make this kitchen high tech, but functional and makes use of every inch of space.

Landmark Kitchen Concepts takes pride in every project and has one goal in mind, which is to create the most beautiful kitchens that last a lifetime. “Kitchens are made for bringing families together” which Landmark Kitchen Concepts strives to achieve.