Are you looking to add character and value to your home by transforming your back or front yard, but aren’t quite sure what to go for? We’ve got you covered. Here are 6 landscaping construction projects to take your home to the next level.

Popular Landscaping Construction Projects in 2017

An Irrigation Sprinkler System – Sprinkler systems are great for those who don’t have time to water their gardens regularly themselves or want to reduce their water usage. They ensure that only the exact amount of water needed is used, and can be set to work at times to suit you. There are more sophisticated models available, which can even measure the moisture of the soil and use that to calculate how much water is required. All in all, it can save you time, money and water. Who wouldn’t want that?

An Outdoor Fireplace – An outdoor fireplace is more than just a way to warm up your garden. It creates ambience, provides a place to congregate with family and friends, and even gives you a new place to cook. Add a seating arrangement around it to make the perfect spot to spend winter evenings. If you’re worried about safety, install a guard or use a free-standing screen.

A Courtyard – If you have limited space to work with, a courtyard is an ideal project. Make it appear bigger than it really is by adding extra dimensions with vertical plant arrangements and evergreen climbing vines, or take a minimalistic, contemporary approach with stones or decking.


A Pool – Pools never go out of style, and adding one to your home is sure to increase its value considerably. Create a home spa with a circular jet-filled Jacuzzi or a place to work on your fitness with a rectangular lap pool. If neither of those options take your fancy, there are countless others available.


A Pergola – Pergolas provide a shady but breezy spot to relax in. Simple in design and installation, they can create the illusion of an outdoor room without making a space feel confining. They can be free-standing or attached to your home, but whichever type you choose, it’s bound to make a beautiful addition to the space.


A Paved Driveway – Interlocking pavers are a great way to transform your driveway, and are much more aesthetically pleasing than gravel or asphalt. You can get creative with a range of colours and patterns, too. Interlocking pavers are incredibly durable and create a surface that’s even stronger than concrete. Perhaps best of all, this type of driveway is low-maintenance. A quick hose down is enough to keep it looking good.

Whichever project you choose for you home, ensure that you use a reputable licensed contractor with a portfolio of high-quality work. Preferably, one which has years of expertise in the particular kind of project you’re looking for. Also make sure to define the time line, size, and budget for the work you want done beforehand to make the process and smooth as possible. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to end up with something you’ll love.