Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers was established in 1982 as an independent insurance operation with just five employees. Today, the company now ranks in the top five per cent of insurance brokerages in Canada with 95 highly-trained employees able to tackle any insurance need.

Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers
Dan Lawrie, Founder and CEO of Dan Lawrie Insurance

“One of the things that sets us apart from other companies is that we’re a multi-discipline brokerage that covers all areas of insurance. We offer all lines of personal and commercial insurance in addition to employee benefit coverage for all business sizes. Being able to have one company handle all of your needs puts our clients minds at ease,” explains Bob Lawrie, President at Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers and son to the owner, founder and CEO himself, Dan Lawrie.

This year, the company is celebrating is 33rd anniversary, and what better way to do so than being recognized by the Burlington Chamber of Commerce. The organization has named Dan Lawrie this year’s Distinguished Entrepreneur Award winner for all his business successes over the past 33 years.

Dan was notified of the award back in February and was both shocked and delighted by the news. He told the Chamber, “I was completely overwhelmed. I am extremely honoured to have our company recognized with this award. It is a reflection of everyone at our organization.”

Dan has built an entire business from the ground up. The company is family owned and operated and remains fiercely independent with no financial ties to any of the insurance companies or banks they partner with which means they can truly be an independent and unbiased voice for their clients.

Another reason that the Chamber felt that Dan was the most deserving of this prestigious award was because of the company’s involvement in the community.

“All of us at Dan Lawrie are intimately involved in our communities. We have employees from all over Southern Ontario, including Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and more. And we all actively give back to our respective communities in some form and we are extremely proud of that,” explains Bob.

Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers has ties to the United Way, the MS Society of Hamilton, Burlington Community Foundation, Good Shepherd, City Kidz and many more more organizations. Dan himself is a major supporter of the local arts. Through the company’s partnership with the Burlington Community Foundation, Dan developed the Dan Lawrie Family Foundation. This is a fund created to educate and increase the public’s accessibility to the visual arts in the Hamilton and Burlington areas.

Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers
Bob Lawrie, President of Dan Lawrie Insurance

Bob studied at Mohawk College before working alongside his father. Today, Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers supports this institution through bursaries and scholarships for students and a sizable donation that went towards building the Dan Lawrie Insurance Centre.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve been able to do to help others; that has been our biggest accomplishment so far. Awards and recognition are great, but our people and the way they interact with clients and the community is what makes me the most proud,” Bob says.

The insurance world, like many industries, is constantly changing, and companies need to grow and adapt to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. For Bob and Dan Lawrie, their biggest hurdle is staying on top of the digital advancements.

“Technology is a big area that is consistently on our radar. We live in a digital world and things happen quickly. We do whatever we can to stay on top of the most current technologies to ensure we can complete transactions and client requests in a very immediate way,” Bob explains.

One of their most recent digital initiatives is a project called InsuranceTrader.ca. This is an online service that provides clients with immediate insurance quotes from over 15 insurance companies in the marketplace, saving prospective clients time and energy calling on their own to find the best rate.

“We’re always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from other brokers out there, but I think what it comes down to is our integrity and the deep, meaningful and long-term relationships we build with each of our clients. We offer a no-surprises approach. Each client knows exactly what they’re covered for and what they aren’t. And beyond that, we’re available for help. You know that you can call up your broker at any time and get unbiased advice,” says Bob.

Bob has been working with his father Dan for the past 27 years and recently Bob’s children, Brett and Brooke, have begun working with the company as well. Three generations of Lawries are now working together under the same roof.

“We’re very proud of how far we’ve come, but we’re always looking forward,” says Bob.

For more information, visit danlawrie.com.

Tips From Dan Lawrie

1. When signing up for home insurance, the first thing you should always do is determine the exact value of your home. This will help your insurance provider determine accurate premium costs and policy coverage amounts and eliminate the possibility for surprises.

2. By choosing one agent to handle all your insurance needs you ensure that you receive unbiased advice, more insurance options and a personal advocate for your specific needs.

3. One way to ensure your house is secure while you are away for extended periods of time is to make it look like someone is still at home. Park your car in your garage before you leave and ask a neighbour to collect your mail as it comes. Also, always notify your insurance company of your absence.Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers