Celebrating a 40 Year Love Story

Community, Connection, Craftsmanship

TO WEAR A JEWEL OR TIMEPIECE from Knar Jewellery is to wear art. To know why it was carefully selected or designed is to understand why the jeweller thrives today. The story of Knar Jewellery is one of lasting bonds, and it is a story you are invited to join.

when the first location opened its doors in Guelph, Ontario in 1978. The desire to create a special fine jewellery shopping experience fuelled the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of co-founders and brothers Greg and Jeff Buzbuzian. Four decades later, casual shoppers have become their treasured clients and these long-lasting relationships are the owners’ greatest measure of continued success.

FROM THE START, the Knar Jewellery mission was to create long-term customer happiness. That mission has never wavered. By always keeping client needs and desires in mind, while operating with the utmost honesty and integrity, clients continue to return as they reach milestones in life. The trust and bond that has been built over the years has given the company a stellar reputation and contributed to receiving numerous awards of excellence. Jeff Buzbuzian comments, “We choose pieces based on our clients’ lifestyles today and what is anticipated for the future.” The clients are, in a way, part of the buying team. The owners have their fingers on the pulse of fashion, but quality and customer satisfaction is always at the forefront.

BUYING A PIECE OF FINE JEWELLERY that becomes a part of your life story deserves to begin and end with absolute magic. The warm experience one has at Knar Jewellery is often remembered, along with the dazzling options. After many years of heartfelt service, co-founder Jeff Buzbuzian remarks, “When people come into the store they are amazed with what they see – that has been our goal since day one.”

FINDING THE RIGHT ITEM to bring joy to or celebrate an upcoming special occasion is behind every decision that is made. As such, international designers are carefully selected based on artistry, quality and craftsmanship. However, those qualities alone are not enough. Successful designers must live and breathe passion and commitment to their craft. Designers and their families who engage with the Knar Jewellery brand have been perfecting their craft for decades or, in some cases, generations.

IMPORTANT MOMENTS IN LIFE can be marked with truly world-class design at Knar Jewellery. Designers come from near and far, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, England, USA, Bali and Japan. Jeff remarks, “A lot of the high-quality pieces at Knar are not replicas or trends, they are unique quality pieces that will last for generations.” Some pieces are delicate and dainty, and others have a metal weight that is not for the weak.  From luxury timepieces, casual everyday jewels, one-of-a-kind diamonds to exquisite coloured gemstones, the engaging and inviting staff will provide the in-depth product knowledge to help select the perfect choice.

UPON ENTERING THE STORE LOCATIONS, whether in Guelph, Oakville or Toronto, in every direction there are jewels that silently boast their craftsmanship. In the Oakville location, it cannot go unnoticed that the entire east wall is dedicated to love. The Hearts on Fire collection is, in a word, breathtaking. Once you find yourself in front of the display case the question becomes – how do you choose just one piece? Drawing you in with sparkle beyond imagination, hours could easily be lost taking in the brilliance that lays before you. As an official retailer for Rolex, the in-store Rolex display truly makes you pause in appreciation. Additional notable collections include Chopard, Tudor, Mikimoto, Glashütte Original and John Hardy, which must be personally experienced to be fully appreciated.

AS THE FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF KNAR JEWELLERY APPROACHES, it would not be a celebration without the community that shared in the growth and success of the business. The events that mark the anniversary are plentiful and are an extension of the deep gratitude that Knar Jewellery has for their supporters. The celebration is slated to be a year-round series of events that will pull the curtain back and invite clients in to experience some of the behind-the-scenes magic. One planned event is the chance to meet and mingle with select designers in person. Celebrated designers will be invited to share their passion for creating and will reveal their inspiration behind the unique designs they have presented. The Knar Jewellery family wants their clients to have the best feeling about their jewellery by understanding as much as possible about the people who make it, how they make it and the reasons why they make it.

THE THRILL OF THE JEWELLERY WORLD has never dulled in the widely romantic hearts of the co-founders. There is no greater satisfaction than creating something out of an idea, or a feeling or a deep passion for life. The inventory available to view is a way to become familiar with the pieces, the designers and the materials, but the creative process can extend well beyond what you see.  The store locations receive up to fifteen custom jewellery requests per week for unique and handmade pieces. This is the magic that elevates Knar Jewellery to an experience truly like no other.

Knar Jewellery will continue to provide exceptional design and unique pieces. A discussion regarding the future of the business always turns to expansion in the digital world. Despite the fact that their website is most impressive, the online experience is not what Knar Jewellery is about. The store is the place where relationships are built and where clients first meet and fall in love with their most favourite pieces. Creating a superior client experience with a personal touch and providing timeless quality pieces is where the company will maintain focus.

TO KNOW THE STORY of Knar Jewellery is to know that the mission has remained strong and steady from the very beginning. Once you take the time to become part of the Knar Jewellery family, you will quickly realize what a special relationship you have entered into. Stepping into their next chapter, you are invited to come into the store to become familiar with the joy that is Knar Jewellery – a place where you will always be welcomed with open arms.