Wine cellars have been around for a long time, but for centuries they were seen as dark, dingy and windowless spaces that were more about purpose than design. Today, homeowners are taking wine cellars in a new direction of functionality and style. These new spaces are becoming the ultimate home addition for wine collectors and wine lovers alike.

Cellars were initially designed to protect wine from potentially harmful exposure to external influences. The earliest evidence of wine storage comes from pottery pitchers made roughly 7000 years ago in Iran that were stored in the dirt floor of kitchens. Roman history saw wine stored in catacombs, while the French dug out caves specifically for the purpose of storing wine. All of these early instances saw wine stored in the dark with a consistent temperature, because when wine is exposed to heat, light, vibration or fluctuations in temperature it can spoil. If properly stored, not only will wine not perish, but it can improve in flavor and bouquet over time.

Belm4-custom-wine-cellar-Papro-Consulting-rusticWine collections are becoming an art form for homeowners that they want to showcase and display, and what better way to do so than with a custom-designed wine cellar. Some people may be happy to settle for a simple wine rack on the kitchen wall to display their small collections; however, a true wine connoisseur will want an entire room dedicated solely to their curated collection of fine wine. Residential wine cellars in particular have been growing in popularity for quite some time now.

“Just as wine has been gaining steadily in popularity over the last decade or so, the desire for owning a wine cellar has also been coming out of the dark and into the forefront of contemporary home design with the more affluent sectors of the population,” explains Steve Papadimitriou, President and Owner of Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting.

Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting has been providing clients with their dream cellars to showcase their high-end collections for over eight years. The team at Papro has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Papadimitriou alone has been working in the wine cellar industry for 10 years. What began in his basement office has flourished into one of Canada’s most successful wine cellar companies whose strong reputation for creating innovative designs and providing excellence in customer service speaks for itself.

Papro Wine Cellars & ConsultingWhile a wine cellar may not seem like a necessity in a home, it can add significant value and beauty to a luxury residence. It can also add a great deal of convenience; having the perfect bottle of wine at your finger tips whenever the urge strikes makes life that much more enjoyable. It can also become a showpiece in the home. It adds a “wow” factor that many never thought they wanted and has lead to many homeowners using wine cellars as the focal point when designing their basements or dining areas in new homes. Anyone who is passionate about drinking and collecting wine would benefit from the investment of a custom wine cellar that reflects both style and functionality

Making the move from wanting a wine cellar to actually deciding to build one is a big leap. The factors involved and unexpected complications that could arise during the process can be overwhelming to a homeowner. Ensuring you have someone who knows the craft inside and out can ease this process. The experts at Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting can not only help you achieve your wine storage goals, but educate and inform you throughout the process to ensure there are no surprises along the way.

During your initial consultation, you can expect to discuss the following topics:

1.Collecting Habits
2.Desires and Preferences
3.Explanation of the Wine Cellar Building Process
4.Timeline Expectations
5.Room Size and Bottle Capacity Potential
6.Preliminary Design Suggestions/ Recommendations
7.Cooling System Options

Papro Wine Cellars & ConsultingAfter your initial consultation is complete, the design process really begins. The wine cellar consultants at Papro will provide clients with preliminary draws and renderings of the cellar’s organization and layout that include suggested features and finishes. This gives clients an opportunity to provide feedback to ensure that they get the dream cellar they are looking for.

With every wine cellar built by Papro being completely customized, the variety of materials and finishes available are virtually limitless. Depending on the style of the home and what the client is looking for, the options can vary from something more traditional to more modern or somewhere in between. Some of the most popular materials for wine cellars today include a variety of wood species from local to exotic, steel, acrylic, glass, onyx, granite, marble and an extensive variety of floor, ceiling and wall finishes. Just as you would with any other room in a house, you can make your wine cellar match your tastes and aesthetic preferences perfectly.

Like most interior design, wine cellars do see trends come and go. While some homeowners will always love the timeless quality of a traditional wood-racking design, more and more collectors are looking for something more modern for their homes this year.

“Steel, cable and acrylic wine-racking systems have all gained in popularity due to their sleek and streamlined nature and easy integration within modern surroundings,” explains Papadimitriou.

Papro Wine Cellars has also had a great deal of requests for glass enclosed wine cellars recently as well. These are becoming increasingly popular because they allow for maximum visibility of the wine cellar to showcase the collection it houses.

Following the preliminary design discussion and feedback from the homeowner, changes and adjustments are made and the design is finalized. Construction timelines will vary depending on the extent of what a client is looking for, but will always require three phases.Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting

The first phase is preparation. It is crucial that the area of your home that will become your custom wine cellar is adequately prepared to ensure the construction process runs smoothly and to provide the ultimate functionality to your new cellar. Things to consider are insulation, placement of electrical outlets, installation of a drain, and ceiling reinforcement if your design includes a cable wine system.

The second phase is when the space really starts to take shape. During this phase the client will see the installation of the cooling unit, wine racking, door system and other features and finishes that were discussed in the design process. This is when the dream begins to become a reality.

The final phase of the construction is what Papro Wine calls “After the Build.” A specialist from the company will visit the home, inspect the final cellar and help to explain all of the features available and provide tips to properly maintain the space. Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting also offers a 1-year preventative maintenance program for the wine cellar cooling system at no extra charge. This will ensure the cooling system continues to function properly over time.

If you consider yourself to be a true wine lover with an extensive collection of fine wines, then a custom-built wine cellar is exactly what your home may need. The quality craftsmanship and hand-picked design elements can create a stunning focal point for any luxury home. The experts at Papro Wine & Consulting are driven by the goals of turning dreams into reality for wine connoisseurs, and their portfolio speaks for itself.

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